Green cheese soup

Way of preparation

Haricot siliculose — 250 g, broth — 0,8 l, leek — 100 g, onion — 80 g, cabbage — 300 g, a cauliflower — 250 g, oil — 100 g, Dutch cheese — 100 g, parsley greens, salt.

Siliculose haricot to touch and wash out, cook it in a small amount of water, then to filter and knead a fork. In mashed potatoes to pour in broth and to cook when boiling. To small cut leek, onions, cabbage white and color, to add oil and to extinguish 10 min. Then to put vegetables in soup and to cook to softness, to add small cut greens of parsley and grated Dutch cheese. If soup too dense to pour in a little more broth. Soup can be cooked and from dry haricot, previously having wetted it in water since evening.  

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