The rassolnik is chicken

Way of preparation

Giblets — 350 g, pickles — 350 g, carrots — 80 g, turnip — 100 g, onion — 100 g, leek — 50 g, a parsley root with greens, a tarragon — 20 g, a chaber — 20 g, garlic — 2 zubk, butter — 25 — 30 g, fennel, bay leaf, black pepper peas.

In 1,5 Art. of boiled water to put the giblets of chicken which are carefully washed out and cut on small pieces and to cook about 1 p then to fill with korenye, the rice which is washed out several times and to cook to its semi-readiness, removing foam. Then to fill small cut by onion and leek, and also pepper, bay leaf and to cook to readiness of rice, to add the prepared cucumbers, to cook 5 — 7 more min., to enter spicy greens and to cook 3 min. then to remove from fire and to fill with the garlic pounded with oil and salt.  

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