Way of preparation

Fish of fat grades — 1,5 kg, water — 1,5 l, pickles — 100 g, a brine cucumber — 200 ml, potatoes — 300 g, onion — 100 g, carrots — 100 g, a lemon — 1/2 pieces, parsley (root), black pepper, bay leaf, fennel, a saffron, a tarragon.

This liquid dish cook as well as a fish soup, but with addition of pickles, a brine, lemons, lemon juice and a little bigger, than usually, amounts of spices. Kalyyu prepare from the fat sea fish who is well combined with a salty and sour basis. To put largely cut potatoes and korenye in the boiling water, having boiled thoroughly on weak fire of 20 min., to pour in a prokipyachenny brine, to add the cucumbers cut in cubes and the fish cut by large pieces in 20 min. to fill with spices. At the end of cooking to put fennel, a tarragon. Ready to potassium to fill with lemon juice.  

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