The chronicle of the diving bomber

POST-NICKNAMES Nikolay Yakovlevich. Native of the village Barrier Skopensky district of the Ryazan region. 1919 year of birth. The pilot of the PE-2 bomber, died in June, 1944 at the village of Katasha of Kobrin district.

From Pavel Ignatyuk's memoirs, eyewitness of death of the plane, inhabitant of Katasha:

- It was in June, 1944. From of Kobrin in the sky over the village of Katasha the Soviet PE-2 bomber appeared. Most likely, otbombiv enemy positions, it came back to the airfield. But there were German fighters and began to attack and fire at our plane one by one.

The plane lit up and began to fall. One of crew members jumped out with a parachute - and the German fighters began to scribble on the pilot. Machine gun fire walked on legs, the second - on a shoulder and the head. The white dome of a parachute was empurpled by blood.

Already dead the pilot fell by the earth between the villages of Katasha and Nesterov of the Rod. Locals found the place of falling and managed to look at documents of the died pilot. It was the senior lieutenant Postnikov Nikolay Yakovlevich. Soon there arrived Magyar soldiers whose military unit stood in of Petki. They took away documents among which there was an undispatched letter of the pilot of mother and an individual weapon.

The second crew member after a landing on a parachute was a wounded, was taken prisoner and transported in the German hospital that settled down in present SSh N1 of Mr. Kobrin. The future of this pilot is unknown.

The third pilot could not jump out and together with the padded plane crashed into the earth near the farm of Martysko. In the same place, on the farm, it was also buried by locals.

Postnikov N. Ya. body. inhabitants of of Katasha buried in the wood on a rural cemetery. In the 50th years remains of the died pilot reburied in a mass grave of of Hidra of Kobrin district. On a grave put a monument. On a marble slab among others also his name is cut.
From Nikolay Postnikov's letters home:

"Hello, Pasha, Sasha, Vasya and Valery!

I send hi and many best regards. I live still well. Health is normal. Letters I receive a little, almost as much and I otpisyvat.

... You ask to write in more detail about the life and work, and to write, there is nothing, I do nothing outstanding. I do what each Soviet person loving the Homeland and the Soviet people has to do. That's all. And differently and cannot be at present.

Field mail 42105-B


"Hello, mother, Motya and Dusya with kids. Dear Motya! Received all your letters, thanks.

I safe and sound, live well, do not worry. Yesterday received the letter from Lesha, writes what now on vacation, works well. Its address — 44073-P.

... Mother, I since May first sent you the certificate for 800 rub, sent the certificate on the Horlivka RVK through our financial part. So far, all good.

There is with greetings, your son and the brother Kolya.

Field mail 42105-B".

"Mummy! Received the letter for what many thanks. This day was for me like a holiday though I received it as spoke, for Easter.

These pigs fascists are capable of everything: to kill, burn or hang up is and there is their main profession. Here therefore as soon as I learned that to you Germans came, to mind everything unwillingly climbs. Well, though survived and that they dragged off, time will come, we will pay off with them. The Soviet people will never forgive to these reptiles all that they do in the territory occupied by them. Write that Germans did in our native village.
Write about everything.

Your son, brother, uncle and grandson Kolya".

"Hello my family mother and Motya!

I did not know about the laudable letter sent you and therefore for me it was a bolt from the blue. After a zachteniye of your letter meeting where each our soldier undertook to revenge for our family who died in fight against the German fascism took place. All undertook to devote one day revenges for your husband, Motya, and to revenge for your grief and our family, and I have still a special account with them and I did not pass any case yet that though something to do much harm them.

With greetings your son and brother Kolya".

Volkovich, And. The chronicle diving Bomber / Alexander Volkovich//the Dawn. – 2011. – April 11. – Page 7. About N. Ya. Postnikov, the pilot - the bomber which died in June, 1944 at of Katasha.

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