123 destructive aviaregiment

At 3 o'clock in the morning on June 22, 1941 fascist Germany without declaration of war attacked the Soviet Union.

On the eve of invasion the enemy surpassed our forces in warplanes of new types by 3,2 times. For each aviaregiment of the 10th mixed aviadivision there was a heavy situation. Almost at the same time German bombers dumped semi-ton air bombs on airfields of the cities of Pruzhana, Pinsk, Kobrin. Name-day. Separate links and squadrons managed to rise in air from these airfields and to enter unequal fight with the opponent, having caused it a loss. It is hard to say how many in accuracy, but the main part of the Soviet planes was burned on the earth with bombardment of German "He-111" (Heynkelya). Without having made a uniform shot.

The criminal and overdue order of I. V. Stalin on reduction of the Soviet troops in full combat readiness on June 22, 1941 at "00" o'clock could not save the Soviet army from fantastic beating and disorder any more. An equipment conclusion from hangars and garages to fighting positions, for degreasing of "VZ" on a case of military operations, for march of manpower from barracks in ukreprayona requires time. And time was irrevocably missed.

Terrestrial gods are mistaken, and the price of their mistakes is extremely big. By the end on June 22 in Pruzhansky airfield there is no left no uniform serviceable car. Polk lost 34 planes. Planes in Imeninsky airfield burned down. A little differently there was a situation in Kobrin airfield where the 123rd destructive aviaregiment was deployed. The commander of this aviaregiment B. N. Surin at own risk gave the order to alert an aviaregiment. When commander of the 4th army Korobkov A.A. learned that the aviaregiment in Pruzhanakh is exposed to bombing, was agreed to send to the help to it the Kobrin 123rd aviaregiment. But at the same moment Germans brought down blow and on the Kobrin aviaregiment. Considerable part I - 15th "Seagull" burned down in airfield, but many managed to rise in air. By 13 o'clock on June 22 pilots of the 123rd aviaregiment made several departures on fighting tasks, many of them engaged with enemies till 8-10 times on the same day. Tension of fights did not decrease and when to a regiment there was only a half of fighting vehicles. His pilots showed great skills. In the first day of war the commander of the 123rd destructive aviaregiment major B. N. Surin shot down 4 fascist planes, the captain Savchenko - 9, the senior political leader Sirotin - 5 planes. The senior political leader Korchagin, the lieutenant Zavgorodny and other pilots caused a stir in air fights. In fighting history of a regiment it is shown that for the 1st day of war pilots of part shot down 30 fascist planes. In air fight the major B. N. Surin was fatally wounded, but the courageous pilot managed to put the plane on the airfield.

In the morning on June 22 the pilot of the 123rd IAP lieutenant P. S. Ryabov rammed the fascist plane near Brest. In the sky over Brest pilots with Kobrin airfield (123 IAP) captains N. P. Mozhaev, a letenant P. S. Ryabtsev, G. I. Zhidov, Nazarov courageously battled against the enemy. They brought down 3 "Me - 109" (messer).

On June 22, 1941 to 12 o'clock in the afternoon efficient were only 12 planes of the 123rd IAP. They departed on Pinsky airfield. So war began.

123 destructive aviaregiment under B. N. Surin's command engage: archival material 

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