Red onions salad

Way of preparation

3 — 4 bulbs, 2 small boiled fermented beets *, 1 pinch of sugar, are a little pepper, salt, 0,5 — 1 glass of a beet brine.

To cut onions circles and to lay out in a salad bowl. To slice beet the same size, as onions, and too to lay out in a salad bowl. To fill in with a brine, to salt, sugar, pepper and to give

2 hours to stand.

Onions salad is served to pork, beef, mutton dishes.

Fermented beet * to clear, fill in Boiled beet with cold water, to put there a bread crust, it is a little salt and to put to the warm place. In several days beet will be sweet-sour.  

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