Russian cabbage soup rich

Way of preparation

Beef — 750 g, sauerkraut — 500 g, cepes — 200 g, mushrooms salty — 100 g, carrots — 80 g, potatoes — 80 g, turnip — 80 g, onions — 50 g, a celery with greens — 50 g, parsley with greens — 50 g, fennel, bay leaf, garlic — 4 — 5 Zubkov, oil creamy or melted — 40 g, cream — 20 g, sour cream — 100 g, a marjoram or dry Angelika (dawns) — 15 g, salt, black pepper peas.

To cook meat broth, having put a half korenyev, then to filter broth, to reject korenye. To put sauerkraut in a clay pot, to fill in it 0,5 l of boiled water, to add butter, to close, put in moderately heated oven. When the cabbage begins to myagchet, take out it and to connect to the filtered broth and beef.

To put mushrooms and the potato cut on 4 h in the enameled stewpan, to fill in with 2 glasses of cold water and to put on fire. When water begins to boil, mushrooms to take out, cut straws and again to lower in mushroom broth to be cooked longer. To connect ready mushrooms and potatoes to meat broth. Then small to cut a bulb and the remained korenye (straws), to connect to broth, to salt and cook 20 min. To remove Russian cabbage soup from fire, to fill with fennel and garlic and to allow to be drawn within 15 min., having wrapped up something warm. When giving to fill with largely cut salty mushrooms and sour cream.  

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