Chikhirtma from mutton

Way of preparation

Mutton — 500 g, onions — 2 pieces, flour — 25 g, butter — 20 g, eggs — 2 pieces, a saffron — 0,5 h a spoon, vinegar — 2 tablespoons.

To wash up mutton in cold water, to cut small pieces at the rate of 3 — 4 pieces for the portion, to put in a pan and to put to cook, without forgetting to remove foam. To take out the welded mutton from a pan, and to filter broth. Slightly to roast small cut onions on oil, to sprinkle with flour, to mix and to fry thoroughly once again. After that to put in the filtered broth the welded mutton, the onions roasted with flour, to add a saffron, salt, perets to allow to begin to boil. To separately boil light grape vinegar and to pour in soup, again to allow to boil then to remove a pan from fire.

Before giving on a table to shake up egg yolks in separate ware, to mix with a small amount of broth, to pour in soup, to stir and warm up, without bringing to boiling (that yolks were not curtailed), and then to strew soup with kindza greens.  

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