Fish soup bouillabaisse

Way of preparation

Fish fresh different grades (a ruff, a halibut, an eel, a mackerel etc.) — 1 kg, vegetable oil — 150 g, onion — 100 g, tomatoes — 100 g, green onions — 50 g, a thyme (stalks) — 50 g, parsley (stalks) — 100 g, garlic — 10 g, a dry crust of orange, white wine — 50 g, bay leaf, salt, pepper.

Fish to clear, wash up, cut off fins, tails (to leave the small small fish entirely), to divide into parts (it is desirable to remove bones). To cut onions large rings and to fry in vegetable oil, having added the tomatoes cut by segments, green onions, parsley, a thyme, bay leaf, the pounded garlic and a crust from orange. Vseslegka to extinguish, then to add tails, the heads, fins and fish with more dense meat (an eel, a halibut), to salt and fill in with water so that all fish was covered. To put on a strong flame that water quickly began to boil and to cook on weak fire of 7 — 8 min., then to add fish with softer meat and to cook 6 — 7 more min. Buyabess to cook no more than 15 min. To remove soup from fire, having added some good white wine, to pepper and put strong on very weak fire for 5 min. To filter fish broth through a sieve, to put slices of bread and to pour on plates. To serve fish separately on the warmed-up dish. To strew with parsley greens.  

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