Ugra chuchvara

Way of preparation

Fat fat tail (oil) — 100 g, onion — 100 g, tomatoes — 200 g or a tomato paste — 20 g, potatoes — 150 g. Forcemeat: meat — 500 g, onion — 150 g, egg, salt — 5 g, pepper siliculose.

Dough: flour — 500 g, egg, water — 200 g, salt — 5 g. To knead dough for noodles, to roll in thin (in 2 mm) layer, to divide into two half: from one to cut noodles, from another — a sochna for pelmeni. To pass meat via the meat grinder, to add the chopped onions, to enter protein of egg and salt, it is good to mix. Then to divide forcemeat into two parts, to fill with one pelmeni, from another to roll quenelles. In the warmed oil to spasserovat onions, to put tomatoes or tomato paste, to roast in it potatoes cubes then to fill in in a pan with water and to allow to begin to boil.

To put at first the made pelmeni, and then quenelles. When pelmeni emerge on a surface, to put the cut noodles. When giving on a table to strew with kindza greens.  

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