Chorba monastically

Way of preparation

Haricot — 160 g, vegetable oil — 60 g, carrots — 100 g, a celery — 120 g, onion — 100 g, tomatoes — 140 g, pepper small sharp — 20 g, mint — 20 g, vinegar — 20 g, parsley greens — 20 g, salt.

To cook previously wetted haricot, to add vegetable oil. In 25 — 30 min. prior to the end of cooking to put small cut onions, carrots and a celery. In 10 min. prior to the end of cooking to add the tomatoes cut by segments, small hot pepper the whole pods and small cut mint. To fill a ready chorba with salt and vinegar, to strew with small cut parsley greens.  

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