Way of preparation

Kvass grain — 1 l; kvass white okroshechny — 0,25 l, the sorrel boiled — 250 g, fish (sturgeon, a salmon, a starred sturgeon) — 0,5 kg, crayfish — 4 pieces, the nettle boiled — 120 g, beet young with a tops of vegetable — 200 g, cucumbers fresh — 200 g, horse-radish grated — 40 g, a half of lemon, mustard — 10 g, green onions — 150 g, sugar — 5 g, fennel, salt.

To pripustit spinach and a sorrel separately, to wipe, part with kvass, to add salt, sugar and a lemon dried peel. Entirely and separately backs slightly to pripustit a tops of vegetable of young beet to softness. Carefully to wash out a nettle in cold water, then to scald boiled water and to cast away on a colander. Small to cut all greens with a sharp knife, then to add to green material small cut beet backs, and also the green onions ground with salt and fennel. To connect a kvass basis to botvichny weight, to add the cucumber cut in small cubes and to allow to stand on cold of 15 — 20 min., mix has to be drawn, and the sour basis to be absorbed in a tops of vegetable.

Fish of different types to boil in a small amount of the boiling added some salt water with onions, fennel, black pepper and bay leaf. Application not boiled salty and furthermore salty and smoked fish it is excluded as she is not combined with a sour basis and spoils taste of this expensive and difficult prepared dish. When giving a botvinya to give a piece of boiled cold fish with a garnish separately. Ready to a botvinye to store on cold. The Botvinye can give with crayfish (2 pieces for the portion).  

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