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From A. M. Martynov's memoirs

The guerrilla heads who left the woods became pioneers of restoration of the Soviet power. On the city were searched remained sovsluzhashchy with assistance of which activity of vital establishments was resumed. Soon there were some of the local pre-war heads who were in time to be evacuated, including the chairman of the City Council Mark Grigoryevich Kutnyuk. The military registration and enlistment office called to the urgent colors with immediate sending mid-flight companies to the front. Only some part of the guerrillas owning specialties was left for restoration of communication, the railroad and completely destroyed constructions of Dnepro-Bug.

... In the early fifties on all area the collectivization wave "spontaneously" swept. Rather smart scenario was developed for respect for visibility of legality. After confidential individual interview with certain land owners in the City Council it was succeeded to collect the desirable number of signatures under the mass petition with a wish to create collective farm. Naturally, so good intention met a full consent and satisfaction of the administration. Thus officially there was one more collective farm, "Kobrin". However, as one would expect, it existed some weeks and that on paper then by a mutual consent of participants dissolved itself. Thus his assignee, the City Council, became the legal owner of all city and suburban grounds of the arable and haying land...

In different parts of the city construction of the diversified enterprises of the light and food industry began to boil. Yes not if only what, and original giants on pre-war criteria. At the same time with construction of the industrial enterprises and housing stock not less intensive construction of modern buildings for again opened comprehensive schools and technical training colleges, and also such innovation as a children's day nursery and gardens was conducted.

In the very first, insufferably difficult post-war years in Kobrin the Military and historical museum of A. V. Suvorov which at that time was the only museum in the Brest region was open. And several years later in the suburban estate of the former Suvorov manor the Province the foundation to city park was laid. Having begun with modest 7 hectares, it consistently expanded the possession to 60 hectares, having become one of the best parks of the republic.

It is necessary to remember a bogoborchestvo tuft which blew over Kobrin district in the sixties. After that "a mamayeva of attack" only single temples, from them one in the city escaped. But the last years are celebrated by a revenge restoration of the majority of earlier closed temples.


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