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Rayonka ў Kobryne of vydayetsets z verasnya to Spachatk was called 1939 "Work", z 1953 — "Pratsa", sa studzenya 1963 — "Kamun_stychnaya of prayets", z 1991 — "Kobrynsk_ vesn_k".

14 lyutag of 1946.


Workers of the Peskovsky polling precinct met the election day by big political activity. Already at 4 o'clock in the morning on the polling precinct there were over 100 peasants. The first aged Kuzma Stepanovich Yashchuk, the resident of the village Sand gave the vote for candidates of the Stalin block of communists and non-parties. He declared: — I first of all vote for companion Stalin and I wish him many years of life for our happiness.

Together with Kuzma Stepanovich old men Mikhail Pavlovich Tur and Yemelyan Krus voted. With the wife came to the polling precinct at 4 o'clock in the morning and one of the first the peasant Combative Alexey Vasilyevich and others voted. Before vote the 53-year-old peasant Sokol Dmitry Vasilyevich from the village of Sukhovchitsa acted.

— In 1935 — he says — I was entered into structure of election commission in Polish Sejm. The commission sat at of Yagolki. The landowner Mikitovich was the chairman of the commission. Its all policy was in that as much as possible voters did not vote. Disfranchised, for example, even for the fact that the peasant once in the landowner wood cut down a stick of firewood.

Now the Soviet people freely give the votes for national candidates. Peasants of the Peskovsky Village Council took active part in elections to the Supreme Council of the USSR and unanimously voted for t. t. Krishtafovich and Fedosyuk, the first in the area having finished vote.

N. Kalachik.

22 chervenya 1947.


On June 19, in Kobrin city movie theater, meeting of a rural asset of the area took place. Chairmen and deputies of village councils, agents of Upolminzaga, representatives from a district committee of party and executive committee of regional council of deputies of workers — only more than 200 people took part in work of meeting.

The report on results of carrying out spring sowing in the area and about immediate tasks of peasants was made by the chairman of district executive committee of comrade Shakhmetov...

19 verasnya 1948.


Already more than three years Pavel Grigoryevich Korenchuk works as the secretary of primary Komsomol organization of the village Magdalene. And not only in the village, but also in all Kiselyovsk the Village Council he to himself managed to gain respect and authority of youth. Clarity of the purpose, persistence in aspiration forward, insistence to himself and the companions, the accuracy and sense of duty — here those main lines which comrade Korenchuk, trying to bring up at Komsomol members, at the same time brings up at himself.

Komsomol organization of the village of Magdalene rather not numerous. In it there are 6 people now. But despite it, the Komsomol organization managed to become at the head of youth and not in words, and in practice is the first assistant to the party organization and village council in their daily work.

In the spring of this year magdalinsky Komsomol members, by an example of youth of the village of Skurata, decided to install radio in the village. And they did not shelve the decision, and is persistent, consistently put into practice. In May in several houses Magdalene loudspeakers were for the first time established, and now the voice of Moscow is distributed in 26 country log huts.

Big organizational and mass work was carried out by Komsomol members during harvesting and grain-collections. The Kiselevsky Village Council ahead of schedule, among the first in the area implemented the state plan of a hlebosdacha. Peasants finished also implementation of the obligations for milk supply, finish delivery of meat, potatoes and other agricultural products.

There came the time of autumn sowing. And here, in one of fine August days magdalinsky peasants decided to crack old regimes in the village, plowed boundaries that long centuries divided them, and took a new light way, a way of collective work. Collective farm they and called "A new way".

When arose a question, a coma to direct new agricultural artel, collective farmers unanimously told the name of comrade Korenchuk. And they did not make the wrong choice. The twenty-four-year-old chairman of collective farm was not frightened of difficulties. It safely undertook strengthening of public economy. Now the collective farm was entered by all 46 farms of the village of Magdalene. Having socialized the draft force and agricultural stock, members of young agricultural artel collected among themselves seeds and for the first time made sowing collectively, according to all rules of the advanced agrotechnology.

— Good there will be an owner from our Pavlusha — yours faithfully magdalinsky old men speak of the young chairman of collective farm. — To know not for nothing the guy in Komsomol consists — learned something.

V. Kudin.

6 l_penya 1950.


The party and the government constantly care for organizational and economic strengthening of collective farm, for hardware of agriculture. Continuously the help of the state to agriculture tractors, combines and other technical means increases. The collective-farm village in wide scales introduces the best achievements of the advanced Soviet science, puts forward all new and new groups of innovators of collective-farm production. All this opens unlimited opportunities for advance, for new, higher rise in agriculture before collective farms. However not all agricultural artels with identical success can use these opportunities. A serious obstacle in further strengthening of many collective farms is their low-power. Life showed that small, small collective farms — and such in our area the majority — cannot develop rather successfully public economy and apply modern machine equipment. It is difficult for them to create large-scale livestock farms, to be engaged in big scales in construction, to provide rapid growth of the public income and increase of material and cultural level of collective farms. At the same time large collective farms, fully using advantages of the high-mechanized socialist agriculture, high rates develop the productive forces, move all branches of public economy forward.

That is why party, Soviet and agricultural bodies of a number of areas and republics focus the collective-farm peasantry on merging of small collective farms in large-scale highly productive diversified agricultures now. Work on integration of small collective farms is begun also in our area. The first results of work of the integrated collective farms — of Lenin of the Zhukhovetsky Village Council, "A red star" of the Strigovsky Village Council and others show advantages of a large-scale enterprise. So, collective farm "Red star" this year one of the first in the area it is high-quality and in time finished spring sowing, orderly conducts a haymaking, it was well prepared for harvesting. In collective farm of Lenin after his merging with collective farm "30 years of October" building of livestock constructions at full speed was developed, the public animal husbandry quickly develops. Integration of collective farm gave the chance to reduce about 600 workdays by the maintenance of administrative-and-management personnel and to release considerable part of working hands for work in field crews and on livestock farms.

By an example of these collective farms collective farms "New life", "the New Dawn" and "A way to communism" of the Strigovsky Village Council and some other united recently. Amalgamation of collective farms — an important and responsible public affair. When carrying out this work it is necessary to consider organizational and economic opportunities of each collective farm to have further an opportunity comprehensively to develop all branches of economy. Special attention needs to be paid on that for the management of collective farms the worthy and skilled people capable in a Bolshevist way were picked up to conduct a large-scale enterprise.

Uniting in large-scale high-performance enterprises, our collective farms will take a new big stride on an economic and cultural reorganization of the village forward.


The collective farm "Homeland" of the Batchensky Village Council the first in the area started selective cleaning of bread. On July 4 came for cleaning of winter rye 12 zhny. In a day they squeezed about 2 hectares of rye. Collective farmers Olga Belyus, Pelageya Medvedyuk, Efrosinya Glinskaya and others squeezed in the first day 16 — 17 100-th hectares everyone, considerably having exceeded performance standards. In the next few days selective cleaning of winter is started also by other collective farms.

M. Kondratyuk.

22 snezhnya 1959.


Kal_ _nsha of times zakhodz_ts a gutarka ab for a chalavek prayets, so it is possible pachuts: "Zvychayna chalavek, pratsua, vos і ¸syo". And razabra¸shysya a detalyova, ubachysh that yon not tak_ ¸zho zvychayna, a geta of a sapra¸dna tvarets materyyalny kashto¸nastsy, a yak і, not pakladayucha of hands, a pratsua ў _mya svaygo the people, at _mya Radz_ma.

To us davyalosya sustretsets z tak_m to "zvychayny chalaveka" — Stsepan_day Fam_n_chnay Mysl і ў tsavay — zvennyavy selgas-artsel_ "Stsyag peramog і". Yak і sotn і, thousands drug_kh dachok of a nashag of the people, Yana to a pratsua ў to the family to a kalgasa z to Iago's ear argan_zatsy_. Do¸g_ hour was zvennyavy a pas vyroshchvannyu zbozhzhavy і tekhn_chny cultures, and zaty, kal_ the corn, Stsepan_dze Fam_n_chne skazal_ ў pra¸lenn_ artsel_ started ¸karanyatsets on our lands: "Upe¸nena, that і here you sprav_shsya".

Nyalyogka was ў tickle year vyroshchvats gety nevyadomy, a pas sutnasts і, culture. There was no Veda to vopyt, ў. To Alya Stsepan_da Fam_n_chna not razgub_lasya. Yana zvyarnulasya yes l_taratura, newspapers, chasop_s ў. To times sa sva_m_ chlenam_ the zvyana to a pado¸g vecharam_ chytat ab ty, a yak savetsk_ya lyudz_ zmagayutsets z pryroday, a yak of Yana of a pra any umova nadvor'ya vyroshchvayuts vysok_ya ¸radzha_ corn.

Prymyanyayucha peradavyya agratekhn_chnyya pryyoma, zvyano Stsepan_da Fam_n_chna of an atrymal Tats of a nyadrenna ¸radzhay. A syoleta, kal_ on ploshcha ў the 25th hectare ў sabral_ z a kozhnaga of a pas 1000 centners ў zyalyonay Masa z pachatkam_ vaskova-malochnay spelasts і were Zatoye kolk_ radasts_! bolyn pleasing with Ty kalgasny kukuruzavod ў that Yana z to gonara strymal_ svayo words і it is worthy sustrel_ chargova Plenum of the Central Committee of CPSU.

Kaneshne, tak_ ¸radzhay "karaleva of Pale ў" it was possible vyrasts_ts, there is a lot of ukla¸sha namagannya ў, prayets. I ў gety a merit not tolk_ one zvennyavy, Alya і a traktarysta Afanas_ya Pa¸lava, the member ў Hannah Harkov_ch's zvyana, Sofas' і Alyaksee¸na L_tv_nchuk, Volg_ Hatskov_ch, Sofas' і Fyodara¸na L_tv_nchuk і drug_kh, yak_ya on the chal sa svayoy zvennyavy z to a sya¸ba ear і amal yes most ubork_ a staranna pratsaval_ on palettes...

M. Kandratsye ў.


At drug_m to a godza syam_godk_ we will seed the 15th hectare ў "karaleva of Pale ў". Infections a s_la mustache prykladay yes tago, zabyaspechyts to the atrymayena of a vysokag I ¸radzhat incorporated bank corn. Padabral_ a stalemate yae are kind ¸chastak. Vyadzyom removal on Iago ¸gnayennya ў. On a pratsyaga chatyrokh a zen, napyaredadn_ adkryzzya Plenum of the Central Committee of CPSU, on ¸chastak it is taken out і a zaburtavana heating the 50th tone to pus, peat. On vyvazets і kampastavann_ ¸gnayennya ў Syamyon Shugay, M_k_ta Syusyura, nakladalynchyets Volga Kubaretskaya, Hannah Razhko і drug_ya is kind pratsuyuts vozchyk_.

A. Shugay, selkor.


3 vysok_m_ pakazchykam_ pryshl_ da Plenuma of the Central Committee of CPSU peradavyya zhyvyolavoda of a kalgas "Novaye zhyzzyo". Zasluzhanay pavagay at us karystayetsets the milkmaid Volga Bryshtel. Svayo abavyazatselstvo — nada_ts 1600 a k_lagrama ў Melaka hell skin zamatsavanay for yoyu cows — the milkmaid vykanat a daterm_nov, for the 10th month ў.

Strymala svayo words і Alyaksandr Lyulkov_ch's sv_narka. Yana atrymat hell skin sv_namatk_ a pas of 15 dzelavy parasit pra an abavyazatselstvo 14. Kind pakazchyka ў dab_vayetsets of tsyalyatn_ets Matron Sv_dunov_ch. On getay raboyets Yana to a pratsua z to an ear ¸zbuynennya artsel_. Veda pile mustache і s_la of tsyalyatn_ets to an adtsaa lyub_may to a sprava. Syo summer Yana to a daglyadaa 99 tsyalit, a mustache of Yana kind ukormlenasts_. For bags a lenny pratsa of t. Sv_dunov_ch of a neadnarazov was a prem_yavana. Yae _mya it is brought on rayonny Doshka to arrogance. Dzyakuyucha starannay prayets peradavy a zhyvyolavoda ў kalgas yes 25 l_stapad of a vykan ў the plan sale to a dzyarzhava Melaka on 107,3, and meat — on 110,7 pratsent.

At getyya dn_ ў to a kalgasa to a _dza of a baratsb for a padrykhto¸ka yes of a paspyakhovag vykanannya a prynyataga of a vysokag of an abavyazatselstvo of a pas vytvorchasts_ a product ў zhyvyolagado¸l_ on drug_ year syam_godk_.

A. Alyasyuk.

Lyuta 1967.


... Shchasl_vy zhyzzyom zhyvuts May adnavyasko¸ets. Growth of a materyyalnag to a dabrabyt pratsa¸n_ko ў a kalgasa of "Prats" to a dazvalyaa _m at vyal_k_kh mashtaba vests_ to a _ndyv_dualnaa of a buda¸n_tstv. Vos that story ў to me starshynya Pov_tsye¸skaga of a selvykankom Uladz_m_r Rygorav_ch Kuz_ch:

— On a pratsyaga of 1965 — 1966 of a pabudavan 32 ladies, at _kh pasyal_l_sya ў asno¸ny this' і malady a kalgasn_ka ў, a hutka spravyats to a navasella yashche 18 sem'ya ў. At arrogance 50-goddzya Savetskay of an ulada of a namechan zakonchyts a buda¸n_tstva і adznachyts yub_ly Savetskay of a dzyarzhava ў new Recreation center, pabudavats club at vyosets of the Grass. At a tsentra vyosk_ to a budza pabudavan pomn_k-abel_sk, yak_ ¸vekavechyts pamyats ours adnavyasko¸ets ў that zag_nul_ ў reptiles of Vyal_kay Aychynnay of a vayna on dandies of a baratsba z nyametsk_m_ to zakhopn_ka і, at partyzansk_kh atrada of Abo zakatavany at fashystsk_kh kantslager.

Vyal_kaye to the ¸razhayena on Mian Zrab і ў the story of the veteran of a kalgas maygo M_k_ta's adnafam_lets F_l_monav_cha Bryshtena. Iago's hell I daveda¸sya that kalgas "Pratsa" of infections vykhodz_ts z to a l_k adstayuchy gaspadarak that lepshyya z lepshy ours adnavyasko¸ets ў for vysok_ya pakazchyk_ ў prayets of an adznachana vysok_m_ ¸radavym_ ¸znagarodam_. At a l_ka ¸dastoyeny uznagarod Radz_ma — _van M_kalayev_ch Kasynyuk, traktaryst; S_la Alyaksandrav_ch і Hannah Kanstants_na¸na Kaladzey, zhyvyolavoda; Syargey Usts_nav_ch Radyvanyuk, palyavod, і _nshyya.

— Yak of a sprava, M_kha_l Adamav_ch? — z gety pytanny zvyarnu¸sya I am yes a zagadchyka of a selskag of a magaz_n of M_kha_l Adamav_cha Bryshten.

— Dobra — z a smile of an adkaz ў yon. — An abavyazka svayoy works I za¸vazhat pas that lyudz_ zhyvuts a yak May byts. Vyal_k_ popyt on dobryya dyvana, radyyola, telev_zara і _nshyya dabrotnyya і darag_ya culture pradmeta і to life. Usyo that zavoz_sh, _dza ў course. Lyudz_ nabyvayuts garadsky abstano¸ka. Znachyzza, zhyzzyo that treba.

Zmyan_lasya not tolk_ with authority, a і sam_ lyudz_ vyrasl_ dukho¸na, zradn_l_sya z culture. Tsyaper at a l_ka ma_kh adnavyasko¸ets ў yosts і ¸racha, і nasta¸n_k і, і agronomists, і _nshyya spetsyyal_sta z vysheyshay і syarednyay adukatsyyay...


Narodna poet Belarus_ Maks_m Tank ў redaktsy_ kobrynskay rayonnay newspapers. 1970.

24 sakav_k of 1979.

Getym_ dnyam_ ў rayonny Recreation center adbylasya skl_kany to bedding set city town committees, vykankoma of a rayonnag of Savet national the deputy ў і ¸pra¸lenny rural gaspadark_ a rayvykankoma of the people, on a yaky byl_ of a zaproshana k_ra¸n_k_ і galo¸nyya agronomists of a kalgas ў і a sa¸gasa ў, starshyn_ a vykankoma ў selsk_kh Saveta ў, brygadz_ra palyavodchy brygad, seyalshchyk_ gaspadarak a rayona.

To 3 reports ab tasks pratsa¸n_ko ў Pale ў rayona of a pas to a paspyakhovam pravyadzennyu vesnavy sya¸ba ledge і ў nachaln_k upra¸lennya rural gaspadark_ rayvykankoma І. M. Dron. Abmyanyal_sya dumkam_ і planam_ argan_zatsy_ vesnavy works, zabespyachennya vykanannya abavyazatselstvo ў starshynya a kalgasa _mya K_rava A. S. Tkachuk, brygadz_r tretsyay palyavodchay brygada of a kalgas "Tevelsk і" A. A. Balabushka, namesn_k a k_ra¸n_ka rayselgastekhn_k_ a pas to a tekhn_chnam zabespyachennyu V.P. Zaychuk, galo¸na the agronomist of a kalgas "Nova a way" In.І. Darozhk_n, starshynya kalgasa of "_skr" A. S. Moml_k, galo¸na agronomist of a kalgas "Stsyag Peramog і" V. A. S_daruk, starshynya garadskoga of a kam_tet of a narodnag to control M. M. M_shchuk, galo¸na _nzhyner of a kalgas "Stsyag Peramog і" R.R.Paddubny.

At raboyets prynyal_ ¸dzet the people tickle sakratar a city town committee of a bedding set of M. M. Gvay, starshynya a vykankom of regional council national the deputy ў V. A. Boyka, sakratar a city town committee party_ N. M. Grynchyk. M. M. Gvay ledge і ў perad udzeln_kam_ people z pramovay.

11 kastrychn_k of 1990.


At napruzhany to a rytma pratsuyuts syonnya rabotn_k_ rayonnaga of a kamb_nat of a bytavog abslugo¸vannya naseln_tstva. Zhn_vensk_ plan ab' to a yom real_zatsy_ household paslug here vykanal_. To the 3rd ear of year of a vyrablen of goods ў і it is rendered paslug on 1 million 801 thousand rublyo ў that on 60 thousand bolsh a planavaga of a task.

Usyago of CB A to an akazvaa 16 v_d ў different paslug. Syarod _kh it is wide vyadomyya ramont і _ndyv_dualna of the pasha ў an abutka і adzennya, the vyraba ў, a h_mchystka, fatagraf_ya, tsyrulnya, and a taksama vyrab і ramont mebl і, paslug_ to hire, transpartnyya, rytualnyya paslug_ і _nsh is viscous trykatazhny. Syoleta of asvoyvayutsets novyya forms argan_zatsy_ prayets ў sewing і trykatazhny shops, at shops of a pas to a ramont an abutka, at tsyrulnyakh. Rabotn_k_ gety padrazdzyalennya ў pratsuyuts on ¸mova to a dagavor z argan_zatsyyay. Novyya ekanam_chnyya stymula dayuts dobras captivity. Shvachk_ adzennya, napryklad, for zhn_ven vydal_ praduktsy_ on 48,9 thousand rublyo ў zamest planned 44 thousand.

And vos at abutkovy maysternyakh of a sprava _duts gorsh. Planavaye a pas task to a _ndyv_dualnam to a pashyv an abutka ў 20 thousand rublyo ў a vykanana tolk_ on 14,4 thousand. On an adna one thousand rublyo ў (pra the plan g_yats thousands) nedatsyagnul_ і z to ramonta an abutka. Not to lepshy chyna _duts sprava і ў shops of a pas to a ramont і to a vyrab mebl_. Planavyya pakazchyk_ pas gety v_da paslug vykanana ledz to a napalav_n. Budzem of spadzyavatsets that ў buduchy stanov_shcha of vyprav_tsets.

N. Vasyuk.

28 kastrychn_k of 2000.


Hots і vydatny on a nadvor'a was given vosen, at Kobrynshchyna's gaspadarka і an asabl_va there, a dza on the alert of adchuvayetsets nedakhop rabochay s_la, yosts yashche that ¸b_rats: at adny — lyon, at drug_kh — to a morkv, at trets_kh — burak_. Vos already kator dzen on help to vyasko¸ets vyyazdzhayuts to the garadzhena — rabotn_k_ garadsk_kh pradpryemstvo ў, at syaredn_m yes 200 chalavek a shtodzyonna.

Not zastal_sya ў to a tank hell getay patrebnay sprava rabotn_k_ rayvykankoma. Supratso¸n_k_ different Len_na, 3 dn_ — at a kalgase-agraf_rma "Magdal_nsk і", z addzet ў 2 dn_ padn_mal_ lyon at a kalgasa _mya 25 kastrychn_k pachal_ gety work ў to a kalgasa of "Pra¸d". At m_nuly Saturday on a stalemate 'I eat Lena vyyazdzhal_ bolsh a yak 100 chalavek, at rabochyya dn_ — a pas 50 і pains. At a chatsver on a dapamoga to vyasko¸ets left! rabotn_k_ garvykankoma. Yes a getaga of Yana of a taksam padn_mal_ lyon at and / f "Magdal_nsk і".

M. Pyatro¸skaya.

Rayontsa — the 50th reptile ў. For abmerkavanny a svyatochnaga well-mara redaktar A. Vastapov_ch's newspapers (drug_ on the right), karespandent M.P. H_lchuk, adkazna sakratar N.І. Byalova і namesn_k V. V. Burdyk's redaktara.


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