Route No. 5 "On borders of Kobrin district"

* Embankment

Description of a route

Extent: to 200 km.
Look: bicycle.
Duration (for adults): about 3 days.
The recommended number of tourists: from 3 to 15 people.
Vacation spots on a route: Katasha's lake, lake Lyuban, agroestate (village of Lelikovo)
Objects of service: Divichanka cafe, Kobrin restaurant

Local history objects, monuments history, cultures and natural features: the embankment near the river Mukhavets, the castle area, Mari Radzevich's park, Suvorov oak, church Paraskev Fridays , the biological wildlife area "Divin-Veliky wood", the agroestate in the village of Lelikovo.

Photos of some objects

Suvorov oak

Cerkov Paraskev Fridays


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