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Temple Paraskev Fridays

Divinsky church Paraskev Fridays - a monument of wooden architecture with baroque elements. It is constructed in 1740. In the 19th century it is reconstructed. The church is dvukhsrubny: the rectangular main volume in the plan and a pentahedral apse with 2 vestries. It is covered with a poluvalmovy roof with smooth breaks. The main facade is flanked by 2 square towers in the plan with cut central boards. In the 2nd half of 19 century near church the wooden belltower is put.

 It is entered in the list of historical and cultural values of RB (1740)


Photo: Quail Century.

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Address: 225876, Kobrin district, village of Divin
Phone: +375 (1642) 6-02-70

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