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Suvorov Oak

The Suvorov oak is at the village of Divin. About it the well-planned parking. There is a well, and also the memorable sign is established. Unfortunately, after numerous lightning strokes the oak has not the best times and gradually dries up. 

Such history remained. On September 3, 1794 fight between Suvorov's troops and an advance party of insurgents of the general Serakovsky at Divine's village which is located in 30 km to the south of Kobrin took place. After fight in a small wooden churchlet Paraskev Fridays in Divine Suvorov were defended by thanksgiving, and then moved further. In 3 km from the village the group stopped for rest, and Suvorov lay down to take a nap under a branchy oak. The tree it and costs today on the suburb of the road, and a row on an obelisk fixed the memorial board reminding of this episode.

The same notable oak is also in the Crimea — in the settlement Apple about Belogorsk. The sizes and age strike it: height about 18 meters, diameter of krone more than 40 meters, diameter of a trunk 3,8 meters, a trunk circle more than 12 meters, age as speak, more than 800 years. According to the legend under this oak Suvorov accepted the ambassador of the Turkish sultan in March, 1777.

In 1776 the khan of the Nogai hordes became Shagin-Giry and with the group with Tamani entered Enikale's fortress. The Russian troops under Alexander Suvorov's command went from the Recop deep into of the Crimea. Having learned about a big congestion of the Turkish troops to the north of Karasubazar, he went to this area and set up camp on the left river bank of Biyuk-Karasu.

After a while here the envoy from the Turkish camp was. The great commander waited for it under a sprawling oak (thereby!). Knowing that Russians have only 10 thousand of army against 40 thousand the Janissar, the Turkish envoy pulled out a handful of seeds of poppy from a pocket, opened a palm and is proud declared that as to Suvorov not to count all poppy zeryon, so not to win to it against the Turkish army. The glorified commander on these words took out a pod of red pepper from a pocket, put it between index and average fingers and in such look showed: "Nakos, take a bite!".

The envoy, having returned to the Turkish rate, assured all that you should not be afraid of Russians in view of their small number. In the morning Turks were going to give victorious battle. However the commander did not begin to hesitate and, on the same day having begun military operations, thanks to only one maneuver surrounded the opponent. The cavalry of Turks receded to mountains, and the Turkish troops — in Cafu (present Feodosiya).


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