Route No. 7 "Nature of the Kobrin region"

* Katasha's lake

Description of a route

Extent: to 80 kilometers.
Look: pedestrian
Duration: till 3 days
The recommended number of tourists: from 1 to 20 persons
Vacation spots on a route: recreation facility in the village of Divin
Objects of service: Divinchanka cafe

The route begins with visit of a reservoir near of Katasha who deserved popularity clear water and sandy beaches in a frame of a coniferous forest. Further the way lies to the biological wildlife area of local value "Divin-Veliky Wood" of 3000 hectares. In two kilometers from the wildlife area there is a picturesque lake "Lyuban" with the children's recreation camp "Wave". Visit of the settlement of Orekhovsky near which population of deer is located continues excursion.

The route in villages Oniskovichi and Melenkovo comes to the end with visit of part of the republican landscape wildlife area of "Zvanets" of 1508 hectares created for fuller preservation of one of the largest in Europe of a mezotrofny bog low-lying like "Zvanets", rare and protected species of the animals and plants revealed in this territory.

Photos of some objects

Katasha's lake

Katasha's lake


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