The route No. 10 "On a visit at the owner is agroestates"

* Agroestate "Studinka"

Description of a route

Extent: to 40 km
Look: bus, automobile

The route includes visit of agroestates of Kobrin district for the purpose of acquaintance with the offered terms of rest and accommodation in agroestates.

"The Polesia traditions"
Kobrin district, of Andronovo, Tsentralnaya St., 15. Owner of the estate Glovatsky Nina Nikitichna. Accommodation in a separate wooden lodge – 2 bedrooms, a bathroom (4 beds, a stove bench on the acting Russian of the furnace, two TV, in an outer entrance hall – a microwave, an electric kettle, ware). At a lodge – a canopy, under which – tables, benches, the refrigerator for rest in summer option to 10 people; set of flower beds, decorative reservoir, garden. Nearby the glazed arbor, a brazier, a campfire, a children's playground with a tent, a sandbox, a children's well with water. Food in style of the Belarusian ethnic cuisine: baked bread, pies, vegetables from a personal kitchen garden, a pickles, sausage, house milk and other. Nearby – a cottage in which owners live. Several rooms in it can be provided to guests.

"On Zarechnaya Street"
Kobrin district. Sand-1, Zarechnaya St., 8. Owner of the estate Polikarpuk Alla Alekseevna. The estate "On Zarechnaya Street" is located on the farm, 1,5 km from the highway Brest – Moscow, on the river bank Mukhavets (30 m). The total area of 1,06 hectares, a site it is surrounded with trees from all directions instead of a fence where the great number of birds whose singing you will be able to enjoy nests. On the estate there is an ancient lodge of 1903 of construction, two garages and the new big wooden house of mansard type which is laid over by a brick. In the top three rooms (red, yellow and blue) it is possible to place 8 – 10 people. There are two toilet rooms with modern bathroom equipment, a bathtub, a shower, and also a summer shower and two toilets on the street. In an ancient lodge there is a banquet room on 20 people, kitchen and the room for accommodation on 4 berths. The souvenir shop where masters of applied folk art are exposed is organized.

Agroestate "Mazichi"
Kobrin district, Mazichi, Zarechnaya St., 32. Owner of the estate Glinskaya Eve Nikolaevna. The estate is in the picturesque place on the bank of the creek falling into the river Mukhavets which is surrounded with forest area from deciduous trees. The Russian bath Imeetsya. A number of constructions under reed roofs where it is cool in the summer, and in the winter warmly. Handicraftsmen who are engaged in production of products from reed and a tree, in particular an arbor in rural style from an oak work at the agroestate.

Kobrin district, farm of Girsk. Owner of the estate Novick Vasily Vasilyevich. The estate is in the picturesque place, in 1 km.ot Girsk. There is an opportunity to admire the primitive nature, wild animals (wild boars, deer). On the farm the small museum is created, there is a lake on which coast tourists will be able to have a rest. Nearby there are a wood and the lake.

Photos of some objects

Agroestate "Mazichi"

"The Polesia traditions"

"On Zarechnaya Street"


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