Route No. 8 "World of ostriches"

* Ostrich

Description of a route

Extent: 40 km
Look: bus
Duration: 4 hours
The recommended number of tourists: from 1 to 55 persons
Object of visit: ostrich's farm

In a picturesque corner near Kobrin, near of Kozishche there is a farm where breed birds, exotic for Belarus, – ostriches. Only in Belarus, the biggest in the CIS and one of the largest in Europe, an ostrich's farm occupies 10 hectares of the area. The farm in 2003 is based. Here breed the biggest bird in the world – a black African ostrich. And though the Belarusian and African climate strongly differ from each other, ostriches perfectly adapted to local climatic conditions. Production capacity of a farm makes 1000 heads a year.

Daily the farm is open for excursions during which guides will carry out on open-air cages and shelters where there live ostriches.

Photos of some objects

Ostrich's farm

Ostrich's farm


Phones: +375 (1642) 2-23-31, +375 (29) 204-63-05



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