Route No. 4 "The well-known places of Kobrin district"

* Nadmogilye Mitskevichey

Description of a route

Extent: to 90 kilometers.
Look: bicycle (automobile, bus)
Duration: till 7 o'clock
The recommended number of tourists: from 3 to 30 people
Vacation spots on a route: Maria Radzevich's park in the village of Grushevo
Objects of service: cafe in the village Ostromichi

The route begins with visit of a grave of Alexander Mickiewicz (a cemetery at Svyato-Petro-Pavlovskoy church), Kostyushek (a city cemetery) proceeds at patrimonial burial. After that – visit of Sacred Church of the Intercession in the village Bukhovichi built in 1674. Further the way lies to Mitrashevsky' estate - the farm Charisma (the Bukhovichsky Village Council of Kobrin district) where Romuald Traugutt swore on fidelity to revolt of 1863-1864 and accepted command of Kobrin group. The route in the village of Grushevo at the memorable places connected with the writer Maria Radzevich comes to the end.

Local history objects, monuments history, cultures and natural features: Alexander Mickiewicz's (city of Kobrin) grave, burials of a sort Kostyushek (city of Kobrin), Sacred Church of the Intercession (village Bukhovichi), a monument on the place of adoption of the oath by Romuald Traugutt (the farm Charisma), Maria Radzevich's park (village of Grushevo).

Photos of some objects

Svyato-Petro-Pavlovskaya church

Sacred Church of the Intercession (village Bukhovichi)


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