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Sacred Church of the Intercession

Sacred Church of the Intercession in the village Bukhovichi. It is located on the northeast suburb of the village. It is constructed in 1674 (or 1676) of a brick and a tree by Dominican monks on fundush spouses Pukhalsky as a church of the Assumption of Blessed Virgin of Maria. The church is closed in 1830, in 1832 is transferred to Orthodox Christians and attributed to Garbanskay to church. Reorganization of a church in 1862 and 1870 was carried out by the contractor Sidarovsky at the request of the metropolitan Lithuanian and Vilensky Iosif, in 1877 - architects Bortashevsky and Vvedensky. On June 24, 1881 after the next capital repairs the temple is consecrated as Sacred Church of the Intercession.

Monument of architecture of baroque. In 1889 to rectangular in the building plan under a valmovy roof the belltower is attached, the roof is restored and the tower with a lukopodobny dome over a bema is built on. It introduced in architecture of the baroque temple of line of the retrospective-Russian style. the 3-partial composition of the temple is made a 3-level belltower (wooden tent vosmerik on 2 stone chetverik), by the rectangular volume of the prayful hall in the plan and a low rectangular vestry. It is covered with a valmovy roof. Temple corners from altarny part are strengthened by powerful buttresses. Lateral plane facades are rhythmically dismembered by highly vznyaty luchkovy windows. The internal space has a wooden carved iconostasis (it is designed in 1877 by the architect baron Kozen), is divided into the prayful hall and an apse in the general dimensions of the main volume. In an apse there is an icon tablet of the 18th century. "Saviour with the state" and on the back "Mother of God Odigitriya".

It is entered in the list of historical and cultural values of RB (1874)


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Address: 225889, Kobrin district, village Bukhovichi
Phone: +375 (1642) 9-83-32

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