Memorable places in the area: Grushevo

Maria Radzevich's park

You sometime had to see a tree, though very "wise", but with … a name? If is not present, go to the village of Grushevo that in Kobrin district. There is the well-known oak here Devaytis who is more than five hundred years old. The giant patriarch is still beautiful at all seasons of the year. But he is famous not only for the age. The Polish writer Maria Rodzevich who became the hostess of a manor Grushevo in the eighties of the XVIII century told a beautiful legend of that oak in the story "Devaitis" of the same name (in translation means "divine"). By the way, this work brought young Maria's popularity. Many decades later, in 1994, copartners of fans of Volhynia and Polesia from Warsaw established near Devaytis a memorable sign in honor of the compatriot.

The village not less interesting and ancient, than an oak, is known since the 15th century. After the next (third) section of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Catherine II presented this earth together with all Kobrin key to Alexander Suvorov. A bit later the town of Grushevo from the commander was got by Severin Rodzevich, the estate was in hands of this shlyakhetsky sort till 1939. In the 1825th Kobrin horunzhy Anthony Rodzevich built the two-storeyed farmstead house. In classical style, with a high portico with columns. On the plate walled in a wall there was an inscription: "My God, bless inhabitants" …

Maria Rodzevich's destiny is dramatic from the first day of life. Her parents - Heinrich Rodzevich and Amelia from Kuzhenetsky' family - took part in revolt of 1863-1864 and were sentenced to a hard labor in Siberia. Pregnant Amelia received a monthly delay and went after the husband to Siberia soon after the daughter's birth (Maria was born on January 30, 1864). At first the girl together with the senior children mother's parents, Józef Kuzhenetsky and Aemilia from Ordov appropriated in the manor Zamoshye for Ivanovo. After death of the grandfather and the grandmother of children of a visor to their aunt, Carolina Skirmunt. Rodzevich returned from exile in 1871, and in 1875 Heinrich Rodzevich inherited Grushevo. In 1881 the manor became property of Maria who lived here till 1939, and then moved to Warsaw where died on November 6, 1944. It is buried on the Avenue of honored people in Warsaw in Povonzkakh though wanted to be based near relatives. On a local cemetery her parents and the sister Tselina are buried.

Having wandered on old park and having listened to a silent rustle of leaves of mighty green "Devaytis", we go to Gorodets, known since the end of the 13th century. In 1589 Stefan Batory's widow queen Anna Yagellonka granted Gorodtsu the Magdebourg right. In the second half of the 18th century the Royal canal was built here that gave an impetus to development of the town which by this time long ago lost the rights of the city. In 1784 the last king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Stanislav Augustus Ponyatovsky stopped here. It is worth examining wooden orthodox Church of the Ascension. As well as the church with the same name in Antopole, a churchlet is painted blue color. It was constructed in 1799 as uniatsky, but not here, and in the village which is in 5 km from here which carried at that time the sonorous name Stone Shlyakhetsky, and is called now is absolutely uninteresting - October. The temple was transferred to Gorodets in 1876. Very lovely rural churchlet. At the initiative of Maria Rodzevich in Gorodtsa in 1933 the monument to the hero of revolt of 1863-1864 Romuald Traugutt destroyed in 1939 was established.

Once very long time ago here the huge park on which avenues the thoughtful woman walked rustled with foliage. Perhaps, here, in the shadow of dense foliage, new heroes of future novels of Maria Rodzevich were born. So it happened that all her creative life is connected with Grushevsky a manor. It is curious that Maria Rodzevich's works are transferred to many languages, and here in the Belarusian and Russian languages creativity of the hostess Devaytis is not published. Today for homestead park of not so cloudless village of Grushevo and perspective as it would be desirable. However, prospects are just available: the territory of old park and the former manor with nice lakes can be turned into a such tourist mecca. Historical highlights, the identity of the last hostess of the estate (the writer, the active participant of the Polish movement to Polesia, the creator of the Polish women's organization "Union" in the Kobrin County and one of sponsors of construction of the oldest school in the regional center) plus smart landscape types, undoubtedly, will draw attention not only domestic travelers, but also foreign fans of tourism. Yes only who will enclose investments that to make the fairy tale bylyyu? The correspondent "Evenings" asked this question to Gorodetsky's chairman of village council Maria Zdanovich.

- Difficultly to tell something concrete about it. The building of the former school (it is part of the remained farmstead house. – A bus comment) at the ridiculous price the Vseobuch training center a few years ago got. And the park with rare species of trees and plants turned, one may say, into a dump. In the spring the Village Council was engaged in clearing of park, bags of the 40th garbage took out from there … And places there really beautiful …

Not for nothing the management of private institution of education "General compulsory education" (Minsk) became interested in Grushevsky in landscapes. But far-reaching plans, alas, had to be postponed for indefinite time. As the director of training center Inna Hodas admitted, crisis cut.

- Something we, however, were in time. Inside the building was restored, made an arbor on ancient samples, but it is now stored in the room. Wanted to make beautiful bridges which would connect lakes. A lot of things wanted, but … - Inna Igorevna disappointedly sighs. – Germans who were going to cooperate in this course further, by the way, took part in financing of the project. But financial crisis bypassed also them. So talk on that being engaged in all territory of park, is premature. And people whom we brought to Grushevo on educational courses were very happy. To Minskers very much this town attracted.

In principle, according to Maria Zdanovich to improve park of her famous namesake, special material injections are not required. The main thing – in time to mow a grass yes to watch purity. In due time the park of of Grushevo was included in one of local tourist routes. Business is good, but further paper the idea, unfortunately, did not go. And it is a pity. On the past not only study, but also earn money.

How to reach: You had a desire to visit where the oak Devaytis rustles? Then at your service the Kobrin bus station, from here on Wednesday-Friday and Saturday-Sunday at 7:05 goes the bus along a route Gorodets - Dams, in Grushevo it is possible to get to the weekend also by the regular bus Gorodets - Dams which goes at 14:50. It is even easier for owners of a personal car: from Kobrin you go on the route M10 through the village of Gorodets, in 4 kilometers from Gorodts there will be a turn on the left - on Grushevo. The general way from the regional center to the destination makes about 28 km.


Grushevo. Pond

Grushevo. Pond

Grushevo. Farmstead house. On old photos it is two-storeyed

Grushevo. The avenue in park

Grushevo. Economic construction of a manor Radevichey

Grushevo. Economic construction of a manor Radevichey

Oak Devaytis

Memorable sign under an oak Devaytis

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