Route No. 9 "History of Orthodox churches"

* Spassky monastery

Description of a route

Extent: 90 km
Look: bus
Duration: 4-8 hours
The recommended number of tourists: from 1 to 55 persons

Spassky monastery
The route begins at walls of the Spassky monastery, the first data on which belong to 1465, the monastery was founded by the Kobrin prince Ivan Semenovich and his mother Ulyana. After signing of the Brest church union the monastery became uniatsky. In 1626 there passed the cathedral of uniatsky bishops here. In XIXV. the orthodox spiritual school was open. The fire of the end of the 19th century destroyed monastic structures. The building of the monastery was restored only in the 20th years of the 20th century by the Polish administration for the purpose of placement of povetovy court. Till 2009 in the building the District Department of Internal Affairs was placed. On June 29, 2010 the Spassky monastery was transferred by the state of Orthodox Church. Now the monastery of Gracious Saviour – female. The building of the Spassky monastery – a monument of architecture of baroque.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
The cathedral is put in 1864 in honor of cancellation of a serfdom. Construction is complete in 1867. The building is built of a brick on a mass grave of the Russian soldiers who died as a result of Kobrin fight on July 15, 1812. In 1961 the Cathedral was closed. Some time in its walls the archive was placed. On September 12, 1990 the Cathedral was newly consecrated by the Most eminent Filaret the Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, the Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus. From now on church services in the temple do not stop. The cathedral is a monument of architecture of late classicism with elements of the retrospective-Russian direction.

Sacred Petro - the Pavlovsk temple
One of the most ancient temples of the city. It is for the first time mentioned in the document of 1465 when the Kobrin princess Ulyana presented to it in the city of the earth with people. At the time of the union the temple belonged to uniatsky church. In 1797 and in 1800 A. V. Suvorov who often went to the temple located in the downtown lived in Kobrin. In 1912 the church was transferred to the closed cemetery at the end of Pinskaya Street as in the downtown planned to build the memorial temple Petropavlovsky-Suvorovsky. However, the war which burst in 1914 interfered with implementation of the project. After closing in the 60th of the 20th century of three Orthodox churches of the city, the Svyato-Petro-Pavlovskaya church remained only where church services did not stop. Church – a monument of traditional wooden architecture.

Village Bukhovichi. Sacred Church of the Intercession
The Pokrovsk stone temple was reconstructed in 1862. Earlier it was the Catholic church constructed of a brick in 1674. During the union the church was given to uniatsky clergy which owned it till 1831. From 1831 to 1862 the uniatsky church was closed. On February 19, 1862 the decree of the Spiritual consistory on reorganization of the Dominican church in orthodox church was issued. The same year parishioners the means made repair of the temple, and it was newly consecrated as the Orthodox Christian. Church – a monument of stone architecture with eclecticism elements.

Village Birch. Sacred Kresto - Vozdvizhensky the temple
The church is constructed at the expense of the government, parishioners, donors and the chief director of edge of the count M. N. Muravyev in 1864-1865. It was built by the Russian masters mainly from a tree of the Belovezhsky wood. Its construction continued about two years and was connected with the fire of former parish church for Easter of 1863.
However the final device of the temple was provided to time and circumstances. Later Voznesensky a side-altar with a bema in South side of the temple was arranged. In 1877 the temple and a side-altar were consecrated.
Church – a monument of national architecture with classicism elements.

Village of Kozishche. Sacred and Troitsk temple
The temple is built of a tree in 1927. Foundation stone laying was made in 1926. Construction of the temple was connected with the fire of former parish church which was constructed in 1878 of the former church built in 1805. In 1963 the temple was closed. According to old residents, the temple was wanted to be demolished in general. However, after its steel to use under the granary. Thanks to it the building, though fallen into decay nevertheless remained. Church – a monument of architecture of late classicism.

Village of Tevli. Sacred and Uspensky temple
The temple is built of a brick in 1872. Along with new church on one churchyard there was also an old wooden church from which in 1881 the cemeterial wooden church of the Saint great martyr Dmitry Solunsky was built. Church – a monument of architecture of the pseudo-Russian direction in eclecticism.

Photos of some objects

Sacred Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Svyato-Petro-Pavlovskaya church

Village Birch. Sacred Kresto - Vozdvizhensky the temple

Village Bukhovichi. Sacred Church of the Intercession

Village of Kozishche. Sacred and Troitsk temple


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