Embankment, our embankment! In these words kobrinchan notes of pleasure and pride of the hometown are heard. From these words and blows as freshness. Today it is one of favourite vacation spots of residents of our city. The embankment gives special joy to children. Here also newlyweds come. And so was not always!

For the first time about future embankment started talking before nice anniversary – the 700 anniversary from the date of foundation of the city of Kobrin. However soon everything calmed down. This talk several times was resumed, but nothing changed. The river bank there also remained uncomfortable.

Everything cardinally exchanged when our Kobrin was chosen by a venue Republican Dozhinok. Literally in a year the city changed to unrecognizability (especially its central part). On the bank of Mukhavts the Ice arena grew, there was also a remarkable embankment which it is not a shame to show round also to guests our city. Who remembers what was earlier, that will understand – beauty indescribable!

Here it is only a pity that only one coast, and them at the river two is equipped. And asks to equip at least the central part, at least opposite to church. It is hard to say whether our city in the near future if not Dozhinok, then something commensurable on scales will wait. Perhaps, then means will appear. It is trusted hardly! Perhaps, it is worth accumulating the funds received from holding the same community work days for several years on really real business? Besides, it is not so difficult to organize and attract enthusiasts, the same youth, Komsomol to performance various draft (and not only!) works. Community work days should be made not ostentatious long ago, but really useful. So there is a wish that all of us endured at least one more Renaissance of our remarkable city!


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