Pizzeria of "Diskaveri"

The cozy interior and, of course, the menu of a pizzeria of "Diskaveri" remind of travel. Friendly waiters will offer you the menu, the choice of dishes in which will satisfy any taste: European, Mediterranean, Belarusian and Japanese cuisine.

You can try the most tasty pizza on thin crust and with various stuffings which the pizza maker will prepare directly at you in the eyes. Appetizing Italian paste, stakes, Japanese sushi, gentle desserts... It is better to come and try!!! And the pleasant interior and unostentatious music allow to have a rest and derive as much as possible a sheer pleasure from food! Coffee card, various milk and alcoholic cocktails, magnificent wine list....


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Operating time: from 11:00 till 1:00
Address: Mr. Kobrin, Matrosov Square
Phones: +375(1642)4-05-46, +375(29)198-00-37, +375(33)330-10-77

All dishes according to the menu can be ordered from 12:00 till 23:00 with free (on the city) delivery by phones:
+375(29)198-00-37, +375(33)330-10-77

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