Children's Entertainment Center "Kesha"

The children's Entertainment Center "Kesha" Kesha is a game city for children from 1 to 15 years in which all is possible for children! To play independently and with friends in a labyrinth, games and on attractions; to be engaged in creativity and with the staff of the Center; to take part in the thematic game programs chosen and ordered in advance or according to the schedule; to celebrate thematic a birthday taking into account gender and age of children; to take part in the holidays "Queshi" from a calendar of events; "Three Keith" "Kesha": parents can play together with children and to leave them under supervision of administration, following certain rules; the obligatory "form of feedback" signed by guests after carrying out actions on the basis of children's entertainment center "Kesha".

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1. HOLIDAYS: New year, Christmas, the Defender of the Fatherland Day, the International Women's Day, Children's Day, Knowledge Day and many other holidays you can celebrate TOGETHER WITH us. Unforgettable adventures, fascinating thematic games, puzzles and riddles will open for your child background of every holiday and will teach the correct perception of the world events! And also will present the sea of delight and a set of positive emotions.

2. BIRTHDAY: If you want to celebrate cheerfully Birthday of your child, having made for it a minimum of efforts – to you it is necessary to address in DRTs "Kesha". Your child is expected by an interesting and fascinating holiday with gifts, cheerful games and competitions, and the most important – with unforgettable emotions and impressions. For this purpose. That Birthday became even more cheerful, we will turn your child and his guests into fantastic heroes by means of an akvamakiyazh. Our professional fancy-dress event managers will help to cope with tests and tasks to children. Taking into account age, sex and interests of your child, the staff of our Center specially developed programs of carrying out Birthday which are constantly supplemented and updated. After carrying out game competitions of your Child and his guests expects "An imperial feast" (you can bring entertainments with yourself). Your children need to gain strength before visit of our attractions as they can frolic in our Center unlimited time. With the great pleasure we will turn Birthday of your child into the fairy tale!

3. THEMATIC HOLIDAYS: In our center thematic holidays are regularly spent. Which dates are known in advance. Thematic holidays are magnificent adventures which give the chance to receive a gift and to have fun greatly in the company without any occasion and that can be finer when till a holiday still so far! An opportunity to have fun with event managers, to find treasures according to the card or to go to the Jungle to competitions herbivorous and predators is represented to participants of a holiday. Programs are developed taking into account age of children.

Gaming machines in children's entertainment center "Kesha"
In children's entertainment center "Kesha" 6 gaming machines are installed. For fans to do some shooting – the The House of Dead-3 simulator, for future racers of "Formula One" - "Sega Rally", for fans of derby of "Out Run", is also the developing game attractions "Little squirrel" and "Aquarium". And "Air hockey" which, by the way, not only children, but also their parents like to play became the most popular game simulator.

Game House of the Dead simulator" or City of horrors
As a result of terrible experiment on city streets spiteful zombies and vampires escaped. Your task - with the reliable weapon in hands to clear the city of evil spirits and to rescue the innocent. The only thing that will be required to you - confidence, accuracy and control over itself. If you do not risk to wander about the stone jungle alone, it is possible to make this dangerous trip shoulder to shoulder with the workmate … popularly and extremely.

The player participates in races for a while or struggling with the opponent for the first place, trying to make impression on the girl passenger. Each route consists their 15 steps. The player chooses from three possible options: Outrun, Heart Attack or Time Attack. Playing Outrun, you with pleasure ride with the attractive girl and try to reach the intermediate finish in the allowed time. Your account raises every time when you overtake more high-speed car with the inscription "RIVAL". In Heart Attack option you try to make impression on the beautiful girl sitting on a passenger seat, trying to carry out all her requests / requirements: to pass through series of arches, to collect as much as possible coins, to overtake a certain number of cars, etc. Depending on that, how well you satisfy all these requests, you receive a certain quantity of hearts kisses. The Time Attack option – the player competes against own best result in the previous games.

SEGA Rally "06"
Game represents the simulator of an auto racing. You are given the chance to take part in races and to compete with legendary racing teams. You can choose for participation in races legendary rally race cars such as Mitsubishi Evolution Subaru Impreza WRX STI and others! All routes on which you can pass lie over the different countries, continents and the cities of all globe. Night and day, snow and dirt, ice and gravel, you are given the chance to test behavior of cars in the conditions of brought closer to fighting rally races.

You want to feel the player of "NHL" and "KHL", then it the fact that it is necessary for you. Game continues until one of participants does not score 9 goals in the opponent's gate. Game is calculated for adults and children.

"Little squirrel" treats the developing gaming machines. Reaction, and also for motility development is recommended to all children for improvement.

Contact information

Operating time of DRTs "Kesha": Daily from 9:00 - till 21:00
Address: Mr. Kobrin, Suvorov St., 43
Director parka:. +375 (29) 723-90-45
For more information call: +375 (33) 698-46-81
DRTs "Kesha": +375(1642)2-21-99

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