What to visit in Kobrin district?

Kobrin – the city with rich cultural and historical heritage. Before your look unique houses of historical building of 18-19 centuries will appear. The hallmark of the city is A. V. Suvorov's house estate. Admire the Cathedral of the Aleksandro-Nevsky and a monument to the Russian soldiers, close to him, who won the first victory over Napoleon's troops in the territory of the Russian Empire in war of 1812.

In the city one of the most beautiful and most ancient parks of Belarus is located. In our city there is in a fine state an ancient prison in which many famous people sat. In one of its chambers Napoleon Orda did the well-known drawings and sketches.

Impress for the present not absolutely ruins of an ancient synagogue – one of the largest in Europe. We have also an operating Spassky monastery. Near the operating church there is an ancient necropolis which on beauty did not concede in due time to the well-known necropolises of Moscow and St. Petersburg. You receive pleasant impression also from walk on the embankment. In the territory of the former military camp you can contemplate the real helicopter.

 City facilities and the area wait for you. Come – you will not regret! Wait for you and numerous agroestates where you can perfectly have a rest and, and with the friends. At all seasons of the year you can go skating, accept water and improving procedures in the Aquapark.

Photos for acquaintance

Monument to the Russian soldiers

Alexander Nevsky cathedral

A.V. Suvorov's house estate

Palace of culture

Spassky monastery


Embankment. Ice arena

Monument to founders of the city

Park of A. V. Suvorov

Park of A. V. Suvorov. The lake in park

Park of A. V. Suvorov

Sacred and Peter and Paul church

Church of the Assumption of Blessed Virgin of Maria

If you have no opportunity to arrive to Kobrin, it does not matter! Visit him virtually. Our virtual travel constantly is replenished with new objects.


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