Farmstead house of Suvorov

The farmstead house of Suvorov Alexander Vasilyevich is located on Suvorov St. 16. There lived the great Russian commander generalissimo A. V. Suvorov. For the first time A. V. Suvorov lodged here in 1797 when he fell into disgrace of Paul I. From here it was banished the same year in the village of Konchanskoye of the Novgorod province. At the beginning of 1800 the seriously ill patient A. V. Suvorov on the road from Switzerland the second time visited Kobrin, stayed 2 months here. After his death the manor the Kobrin Key is sold out by descendants. In the beginning of the 1860th in this house of veins of R. Traugutt — one of heads of revolt of 1863 — 64 in Belarus, Poland and Lithuania.

The wooden house is built in the 1790th, destroyed during the Great Patriotic War. In 1948 the house is restored, in 1980 restoration works are carried out. The building is one-storeyed, rectangular in the plan, with a high valmovy roof, At construction the constructive scheme with the average longitudinally bearing brick wall is used. House facades symmetric. The central parts of the main and domestic facades are allocated by krylets with 2 couples of columns. Walls are outside plastered. Window openings rectangular. Planning of the house anfiladny.

In 1946 the decision on restoration of the house and creation in it the Military and historical museum of A. V. Suvorov is made. It is open for visitors of 1.5.1948 g. Before the museum building in 1950 to the 150 anniversary from the date of A. V. Suvorov's death the bronze bust of the commander (sculptor P. Kyuferle), but both parties of a porch — 2 tools cast in 1812 is established. In 1989 construction of the new building of the Military and historical museum is complete.


Suvorov's bust before Suvorov's house museum

Suvorov's bust before Suvorov's house museum

Old photos

Farmstead house of A. V. Suvorov. Drawing of 1816.

Farmstead house of A. V. Suvorov. Photo of 1978.

Farmstead house of A. V. Suvorov. Photo of 1990.

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