To the museum – 30 years 

30 years ago in Kobrin the military and historical museum of A. V. Suvorov opened. On a white marble board at an entrance words are cut: "There lived A. V. Suvorov in 1797 and 1800".

Emergence of the museum was substantially caused by the fact that in Kobrin the house belonging to the great Russian commander A. V. Suvorov remained. From the hurricane Velikoy Otechestvennoy voyny which blew over the Brest region strongly got to this decayed monument history, one of the oldest inhabited wooden houses in the republic. The recovery work begun in 1946 happened in extremely difficult conditions of the first post-war lyot when the simplest construction materials were scarce. Therefore restoration dragged on till 1948.

By then in funds of the museum the first original material exhibits transferred by the oldest museum of the Soviet Army — the Artillery historical museum were saved up. However it was impossible to use them due to the lack of museum furniture. Therefore in the first option of an exposition it was necessary to be content with exhibition display of one graphic materials. Originally it was succeeded to issue only three sections of an exposition: "Our great ancestors", "The great Russian commander of A. V, Suvorov", "Patriotic war of 1812". Subsequently the new department devoted to the Great Patriotic War was created.

Continuous growth of attendance set thinking seriously how to expand a display area. The neighboring house, much bigger by the sizes was transferred to the museum. It allowed to expand with two to seven halls the leading department of the museum devoted to life and activity of A. V. Suvorov of a military leader, to place exhibits of two new departments — "Suvorov traditions in the Russian army" and "Civil war". The exposition of the finishing department "Great Patriotic War" was expanded.

In a final version of expositions all most considerable events of national military history are reflected in their chronological sequence. At the same time the special attention is paid to those subjects which are anyway connected with Belarus. And as the museum nominal, besides the leading department, a nice name of A. V. Suvorov stands out also in other departments of an exposition.

The set of valuable historical relics is stored in funds. Here it is possible to see the battle flags of the Russian army XVIII of century and a remarkable collection of samples of a domestic fire and cold weapon, protective arms fanned by glory. A lot of overseas weapon — Western European, east, pieces of regimentals and equipment of the Russian and Soviet armies is stored. Objects of the fine arts, documents, awards and medals are presented to expositions. Funds continue to be enriched continuously with new materials that allows to improve an exposition. In three decades through modest rooms of the Suvorov house there passed two million tourists. Entries in visitors' books eloquently demonstrate sublime patriotic feelings with which visitors leave a Suvorov lodge.

The small group of museum workers celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of opening of the museum on the eve of the next critical stage in its existence. The Minsk research restoration workshops have to start capital restoration of the 180-year house of the great commander soon to protect it from destruction. Project documentation on a construction of the special museum building which will replace the second house adapted for the museum is developed.

Implementation of the planned complex of actions will allow to increase significantly the capacity of expositions, to improve it qualitatively, will help to lift Many-sided work of the museum on higher level.

A. Martynov

Martynov, to A. Muzey – 30 years. Martynov//Dawn. – 1978. – June 9.


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