Monument to the prince Vladimir Vasilkovich and princess Olga Romanovna

The monument to the prince Vladimir Vasilkovich and the princess Olga Romanovna is established in Kobrin on a pedestrian street of Suvorov. To Kobrin is not only the museum of a name of the Russian generalissimo Suvorov and his possession as to us long hammered into the head. The first mention of the city belongs to 1287. To Kobrin it is mentioned in the will of the Vladimiro-Volynsky prince Vladimir Vasilkovich. He bequeathed to the wife Olga Romanovne Kobrin and the village of Gorodel (Gorodets).

And so, since that moment the official years Kobrin also counts. Thus, in 2012 ispolnilos725 years of the first mention in the princely will. Date is worthy, and it is possible to remind once again who is more important for the city – Suvorov or the Vladimiro-Volynsky prince. Knyazhaya Gore, on a legend – the place of burial of Olga. The legend about a tomb of the princess on this mountain is connected with concrete historic facts. She really in those regions was and there died. About the most Prince Gore there are written data even since the 16th century. The princess Olga is found possible by the author of the story about the prince Vladimir Vasilkovich which is part of the Ipatyevsky chronicle, one of the main sources on stories of Ancient Russia.

In 2009 in Kobrin the bronze monument which author is the sculptor Alexander Lyshchik was established. The bronze prince standing near the wife blesses the city and all its inhabitants.


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