Place of execution of civilians

Monument on the place of mass execution of civilians on the southern suburb of the city, around the private sector, opposite to the Protestant molebenny house - Church EHB "Bethany", on Torgovaya St. In October, 1942 all concluded ghettoes "And" (4250 people) were removed on foot to this district of the city and shot at in advance prepared four huge holes. In the people this place is called "Death Valley". It is established in 1975 to the 30 anniversary of the Victory.

Inscription on a monument from above: "On local fields from October, 1943 to May, 1944 fascist aggressors shot over 4500 civilians of Mr. Kobrin and the area. Trying to hide traces of sodeyanny crimes, Hitlerites before flight in 1944 dug out of Kobrin and burned remains of the victims".

Inscription on a monument from below: "Here zakhavana heating 4500 ya¸reya ў the cities of Kobryna zag_nu¸shyya at a kastrychn_ka of 1942 hell of hands fashystsk_kh germansk_kh a zakhopn_ka ў. Nyakhay to a budza of a blaslavenn pamyats zag_nu¸shy".


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