Monument to the Polish soldiers to the dead in 1920 under the Birch

From September 11 to September 23, 1920 in a triangle Kobrin - Bereza-Kartuzsky - Pruzhana on the road from Warsaw through Brest to Moscow after heavy fights four armies of Army of the divisional general Leonard Skersky, Polish under command, about 4 and 16 armyam of Bolsheviks. It is counted that losses of the Polish troops in fights near Kobrinon in 1920 made more than 500 killed and wounded.

In 1924-25 on an old Catholic cemetery behind a church (since 1945 in pritserkovny burial) there was the Polish military cemetery. It consisted of 42 concrete gravestones in the form of the Greek cross and a stone obelisk with the image of a cross of military virtue and an inscription: "BOHATEROM • OBROeCOM KRESÓW • POLEGYYM W WALCE • POD BEREZ Ą • DNIA 15-16-17 IX 1920 • MRP 1925". The monument was topped with a small metal cross.


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