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Park of A.V. Suvorov
Mr. Kobrin, Suvorov St., 43. Ph.: director 8 (01642) 2-55-21факс, contact ph. of MTS 8(033) 698-46-81
Attractions, water attractions, hire of rollers, disco, entertainment and concert programs in an amphitheater.


Kobrin palace of culture
Mr. Kobrin, Lenin St., 4. Ph.: reception, fax 8(01642) 2-23-18, cash desk 2-2-51-95
Club formations, collectives of amateur performances, amateur associations, discos.


Military and historical museum of A. V. Suvorov
Mr. Kobrin, Suvorov St., 14. Ph.: director 8 (01642) 2-37-94, contact ph. 2-56-94
Excursions on an exposition "History of Kobrin district", in A. V. Suvorov's house museum and many other things...


Children's entertainment center "Kesha"
Mr. Kobrin, Suvorov St., 43 CLUMPS "Park of A.V. Suvorov". Ph.: 8 (01642) 2-21-99, MTS 8(033) 698-46-81.
Labyrinth, attractions, thematic game programs, calendar holidays, Birthdays, occupations by creativity.


Kobrin regional central library system
Mr. Kobrin, Zhukov St., 12. Ph. The director 8(01642) 2-37-41, References by phone: 2-36-81.
Book fund, information on electronic media, the public center of legal information, 38 types of paid services, listing of the color image, lamination of documents.


GUO "Children's School of Arts of Mr. Kobrin"
Mr. Kobrin, Gastello St., 20. Ph.: Director 8-(01642) 2-16 - 85; deputy director 2-14-73
Primary music education, the accelerated training, preparatory group, festive events, concert programs, philharmonic concerts.

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