Settlements of Kobrin district from And to I


FRUKTOVY – pasyolak at Batchynsk_m with/with, on the river Mukhavets. For 4 km on PDZ hell of the city і chyg. Art. Kobryn, 44 km hell of Brest. Heating Shashi M_nsk-Brest. 167 gaspadarak, 492 zhykhara (2005). At 1959 a syadz_ba of a sa¸gas "Patryk і", 136 zhykharo ў; at a skladza of Petska¸skaga with/with Kobrynskaga of a rayon. At 1970 grazed. Fruktova – a syadz_b tago a sa¸gasa. 194 zhykhara. At 1965 on the ¸shanavayena pamyats_ 34 fellow countrymen ў, yak_ya zag_nul_ ў Bai Z nyam. - Fasch. akupantam_ ў Faded. Aych. to a vayn, at a tsentra of the settlement of a ¸stano¸lena pomn_k. At 1999 126 gaspadarak, 384 zhykhara, at a skladza of an agraf_rmy-kalgas "Patryk і" (tsentr – century Andronava). At 2004 pasyolak daluchana yes of AAT "Kobrynsky Ptushkafabryka". Yosts, school.


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