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TP BOOM supermarket of "Nadzey"
Mr. Kobrin, Dzerzhinsky St., 68e. Ph. 8 (01642) 2-81-37, 2-46-09, MTS 8(033)303-30-34
Goods for sport and tourism. Construction and finishing materials, goods for the house.


Department store department of sportswear and for the house
Mr. Kobrin, Lenin St., 13. Ph. 8 (01642) 2-25-89
Sportswear and clothes for the house.


Kross shop
Mr. Kobrin, Matrosov Square, 1. Ph. 8 (01642) 4-51-41
Sports goods, roller and ice skates, bicycles, cycle spare parts.


"Sportswear and Footwear" shop
Mr. Kobrin, Pushkin St. 2. Ph. of MTS 8(029) 204-82-38
Sports suits, headdresses, footwear, bags, windbreakers.

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