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IN TOUCH salon
Mr. Kobrin, Lenin St., 27. Ph. +375 33 308 42 32, +375 44 749 06 60
Cameras, mobile phones, GPS navigators. Connection of MTS.


Video photo Workshop "Gopsha"
Mr. Kobrin, Sovetskaya St., 2.


Shop "Polesia. Household appliances" SOOO "Software Polesia"
Mr. Kobrin, Proletarskaya St. 179B.


Mr. Kobrin, Lenin St., 25. Ph. of Velcom 8(029) 303-03-75
Cameras, phones, netbooks, connection to telecom operators.


KROSS shop
Mr. Kobrin, Matrosov St., 1. Ph. 8 (01642) 4-51-41, MTS 8 (033) 698-32-17
Digital cameras, mobile phones and accessories, radio telephones.


Pavilion "Media. Photo. Telephony"
Mr. Kobrin, Lenin St. (district rest. "Kobrin"). Ph. 8 (01642) 4-51-41, MTS 8 (033) 698-32-17
Digital cameras, radio telephones mobile phones and accessories.


Elektrolyuks pavilion
Mr. Kobrin, Matrosov Square.
Digital cameras of Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, Samsung. Payment by installments - 0%.


Kadr shop
Mr. Kobrin, Sovetskaya St., 19. Ph. 8 (01642) 2-12-44, ph. 8(01642) 4-50-12
Films, cameras, framework, albums. Development and press.


Video hire shop
Mr. Kobrin, Pushkin St., 8.
Hire: movies, games, SONY PS-2. Sale of MP3, CD, DVD. Music.

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