Information bureau

Computers and office equipment


Computer center "Computer Service"
Mr. Kobrin, Dzerzhinsky St., 38. Ph. of MTS 8(029) 527-67-12, Velcom 8(029) 905-25-99
Computers, laptops, monitors, printers, acoustics, computer accessories.


Eltekh shop
Mr. Kobrin, Sovetskaya St., 120. Ph. 8 (01642) 2-88-99, MTS 8(029) 274-45-52
Computers, laptops, acoustics, printers. Refrigerators, washing machines.


Shop "Polesia. Household appliances" SOOO "Software Polesia"
Mr. Kobrin, Proletarskaya St. 179B.


Computer Plus shop
Mr. Kobrin, Lenin St., 23 / 2 floor/. Ph. of MTS 8 (029) 526-96-65, 8 (01642) 2-10-04
Computers and accessories. Diagnostics, service and repair.


Matritsa shop of LLC PKTs Ramol
Mr. Kobrin, Sovetskaya St., 127A. Ph. 8 (01642) 4-20-65, MTS 8(033) 609-01-57
Computers and accessories, surveillance cameras, cash registers.


Augustine pavilion
Mr. Kobrin, Dzerzhinsky St. (behind the House of trade). Ph. 8 (029) 521-23-45
Computers and household appliances

Manufactured goods

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