Educational and improving establishments of education

The recreation camp "Wave" is in the picturesque place on the lake Lyuban near Divin, in the pine wood. Primary activity of camp is an improving and educational work.

Skilled teachers of establishments of formation of the area, students of pedagogical higher education institutions, the educational psychologist, the social teacher, health workers, employees of law enforcement agencies work with children. Summer creative and game programs are directed to active and substantial recreation, realization of own abilities of children, abilities, skills, the maximum satisfaction of individual interests in personal and significant fields of activity. Children are expected by various creative programs, excursion and walking actions, otryadny collective and creative affairs at the maximum use of climatic factors.

Circles, sections, film lecture hall work, campaigns, excursions are organized.

Five times food under control of skilled diets sisters and cooks is organized.

The rest organized in romantiko-adventure spirit will leave indelible impressions and kind memory in the hearts of children.

Material and technical resources:
6 cases for accommodation of children,
assembly hall,
dining room,
medical aid station,
complex of sports constructions,
the platform for carrying out all-camp rulers,

Address: Diwines, protected lakes Lyubon

Phone: 8(01642) 68-7-85, 8(029) 221-67-92

We invite to restore health of your children and to provide you tranquility for your child.
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