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Sacred and Hristorozhdestvensky arrival city of Kobrin. The temple is located in the new residential district, is in a construction stage. It is necessary to make a lot. However, already now it is visible that the temple will become an architecture monument. Despite carrying out construction works, in the temple there take place church services. The temple is built by method of national building. Earlier the service was conducted in specially equipped tent.

To the regional authorities the believers living in the new residential district handled a request to allow fund raising on construction of church. Yes, there is a lot of temples in the regional center, but on holidays everyone cannot go in there, during service many stand under the open sky. Plus to everything so it developed that all churches are located in old and parts of the city over the river. The expanding Kobrin further and further moved away from the roads conducting to hope and belief.

To applicants listened. The question was discussed and made the decision: to the temple to be. And the place to it was defined – better not to find, one of the highest city points in the geographical relation in the residential district under construction. On July 18, 2004, in day of the 60 anniversary of release of Kobrin from fascist aggressors, the first stone under future temple was put.

Within five years of church service went in marching army tent, but it did not confuse parishioners at all, the quantity them gradually grew. According to the prior archpriest Nikolay Lukashik, there is a lot of them today that the narrowness already becomes notable. And the last two years the service is conducted in the first floor of the temple. So the project offered by the Brest firm "ARChA" and approved at all levels was prophetical concerning scales.

Unique "nuances". The phrase "very best" very precisely approaches the Sacred and Hristorozhdestvensky temple if to consider what it will become after completion of construction works. First, it will be the highest architectural and monumental construction in Kobrin. Height it from the basis to a cross of the main dome will make 36 meters (about the 14-storey house). Secondly, the Sacred and Hristorozhdestvensky temple will be twice more on Svyato-Aleksandro-Nevskogo sobora Square, two levels where at the same time there can pass services are provided in new cult object. Thirdly, on a belfry will establish the biggest bell of Kobrin. Fourthly, the architectural concept of the temple is unusual to the regional center: it will resemble the Old Slavic soldier in a helmet standing in patrol superficially. As both the archpriest Nikolay, and parishioners hope, date of a mortgage of church, coincidence of a temple icon to Kobrin's coat of arms and uniqueness of architecture of the memorial temple will allow Sacred and Hristorozhdestvensky to become a new, most substantial symbol of the city. About a monument the author of these lines did not make a reservation. On internal walls of church on granite plates it is planned to cut names of all kobrinchan, died in battles of the Great Patriotic War and in the local military conflicts of the XX century. In honor of the died fellow countrymen on the small platform before the temple will break the fountain, around will plant silvery fir-trees. It is possible to tell that the church which is under construction on Druzhby St. will become the real military memorial of Kobrin district. Absolutely on a precept of Christ who told once that "there is no bigger love as if who puts the soul for the friend" …

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