Kobrin's ecology

Kobrin – an ecosystem

Throughout history of mankind of a civilization blossomed only where there were conditions, suitable for life: soft climate, fertile soil and clear water. The physical, chemical, or so-called abiotic factor of environment (air, climate, the soil, the sun, plants, trees and water) and a factor biotic (live organisms) is defined not only a condition of our health in these conditions, but also a possibility of existence. The care of purity of environment has to become need of each person — quality of our life depends on it. Prevention as we know — the best way of strengthening of health. Also providently it is necessary to behave also in relation to environment. It is hard, and often and it is impossible, to return the polluted water, the bared woods, the poisoned air and the infected soil to a primitive state. But without clean air, the pure soil and to the pure human race not to survive. We are pleased by the nature granted to us — and we are obliged to store and protect its purity.
Harmony with the nature — a condition of existence of all live.

In the beginning it is necessary to tell several words about the concept "ecology". The ecology was born as purely biological science about relationship "organism Wednesday". However with strengthening of anthropogenous and technogenic pressure upon environment, insufficiency of such approach became obvious. There are no phenomena, processes and territories, unaffected this powerful pressure now. Also there is no science which could keep from searches of an exit from ecological crisis. The circle of the sciences involved in an ecological perspective extraordinary extended. Nowadays along with biology it is economic and geographical sciences, medical and sociological researches, physics, mathematics and many other sciences.

The cities promptly grow on our planet, selecting all new territories at habitat. Among them and our Kobrin. Its emergence during human history is connected with advantages of cohabitation of big congestions of people. Kobrin in ancient times gave the chance of trade, crafts, educations, played an important role as defensive strengthening.

From the point of view of ecologists, the city of Kobrin as an ecosystem differs not in huge buildings, a congestion of people and cars, and even not pollution of the environment, and, first of all in a geterotrofnost. It means that the ecological system of the city is based not on storage of solar energy and its subsequent use as it occurs in natural ecosystems. The main sources of energy for the city are the coalfields which are far beyond its limits, gas, oil, hydroelectric power stations, nuclear power plants. Also own production of biomass is small in the city, and it is not able to provide with food even small part of citizens. Such ecosystem cannot be steady, and all processes of regulation of streams of substances and energy are undertaken by the person. The person watches the sizes of such ecosystems. It is forced to define requirement and consumption of energy and resources, quantity of the waste coming to water, the atmosphere and the soil. The city on the one hand, creates certain advantages to the population, and with another promotes replacement of a natural ecosystem with artificial. Impact on the atmosphere, the soil, vegetation, a relief, reservoirs, underground waters, air temperature is here too felt. In the city electromagnetic fields, a radiation background are considerably changed. The territory of the city receives less light, air temperature by one two degrees differs from surrounding territories. Over it more often there are fogs, overcast. The city is to some extent an environment pollutant. The industrial enterprises and vehicles lead to the increasing pollution of habitat not only in the city, but also beyond its limits.


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