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Commission autoshop of "Parkplats"
Dzerzhinsky St. 54/2. Ph. +375 (1642)47-3-33, MTS +375(29)77-66-705, Vel. +375(29)469-68-67
Car sale, reception of cars on the commission, an exchange, offset.


"Car service"
Sovetskaya St. (/cooperative "Naberezhny"). Ph. +375 (1642)4-13-80, MTS. +375(29)723-62-63
Auto parts with installation and a guarantee.


CJSC Kobrin-Lada
Proletarskaya St., 177a. Ph. +375 (1642)3-68-12, 2-58-06, 2-59-22
New Lada cars. Auto parts and the accompanying goods.


Avtozapchasti shop
Dzerzhinsky St. 54/1. Ph. +375 (1642)2-88-80, MTS +375(33)684-70-59
Suspension bracket, electric equipment, joint stock bank (foreign cars and domestic), oils, autocosmetics.


Avtodrayv shop
Dzerzhinsky St. 54/3. Ph. +375 (1642)4-25-25, MTS +375(29)522-66-99
Auto parts, accumulators, xenon, video recorders.


Pavilion "Avtod"
Dzerzhinsky St., 77a (building of "Supermarket"). MTS +375(29)528-89-18, Vel. +375(29)130-36-89
Auto parts, autopaints, selection of paints, auto accessories, oil, antifreezes, etc.


Magnit-Avto shop
Dzerzhinsky St., 68 (torg.ryada "Oscar-Ted"). MTS +375(29)520-15-01, Vel. +375(29)677-15-09
Autocosmetics, electrician, suspension bracket, engine, technical liquids, oil.


Auto parts pavilion
Sverdlov St. (district magician. "Crown"). MTS +375(29)522-43-14
Body spare parts, arches, thresholds, wings, mufflers, autofixture.


Avtokosmetika pavilion
Svoboda Square, 13. Ph. +375 (1642)2-15-15
Filling automobile, soil, solvent, emery paper, varnish.


Auto parts pavilion
Sovetskaya St. (Public service center district). +375(29)724-24-48, Vel. +375(29)47-58-49
Suspension brackets, oils, belts, autocosmetics, shock-absorbers, antifreezes, candles.


Auto parts pavilion
Lenin St. (behind Kobrin restaurant) Ph. +375 (29)722-98-96.
Auto parts to cars "Ford", "Mersedes".


Elektrolyuks pavilion
Matrosov Square.
Autoradio tape recorders, subwoofers, autoacoustics, amplifiers (Sony, SVC, LG). Payment by installments - 0%.

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