The square of Puganov

The mass grave of the Soviet soldiers is on Pervomayskaya St., in the square of V. P. Puganov. 174 soldiers who died in days of the Great Patriotic War are buried. Gravestones are established to the major general Victor Pavlovich Puganov and the Hero of the Soviet Union to the pilot senior lieutenant Arseny Ivanovich Morozov.

V. P. Puganov was born 27.1.1901 g in Astrakhan. In Red Army since 1919. In the years of civil war the commander of a machine-gun platoon on the Caucasian front, the participant of elimination of White Guard gangs in Kuban. After the termination of Military academy of M. V. of Frunze (1928) at teaching work in Leningrad. On the eve of Patriotic war the commander of the 22nd tank division deployed near Brest. For the second day of war the division but the head with the major general V. P. Puganov held the fort in 12 — 15 km to the northwest of and to the northeast of Kobrin. Soldiers of the 6th and 42nd shooting divisions joined it. 23.6.1941 at 8 o'clock in the morning the battalion of fascists approached a defensive boundary. Tankmen struck to the opponent an unexpected back attack and flanks and completely destroyed a battalion. At 16 o'clock the major general V. P. Puganov gave the order to replace positions and through Kobrin airfield to come to Moskovskoye Highway (Kobrin was already captured by Hitlerites). From airfield tanks began to move on the field road where faced the opponent's tanks. Cruel fight was started. About 30 enemy planes bombed positions of the Soviet troops. In this fight, taraniv the tank the Hitlerite tank, V. P. Puganov died. The square and the street in Kobrin are called by his name.

A. I. Morozov was born 23.1.1922 g in of Slobodk of Kalininsky district of Kalinin area in a country family. In 1938 graduated to Kalinin from school of a factory apprenticeship, in 1940 - Bataysk military school of pilots. At the front since 1941. The deputy commander of a squadron senior lieutenant A. I. Morozov caused a stir in the Belarusian operation of 1944. Made 271 fighting departures, participated in 33 air fights, personally shot down 13 enemy planes, 9 - in group fights. Destroyed 4 planes in airfields, 3 railway cars with ammunition and 18 cars with freights. Died 24.7.1944 g during investigation of forces of the opponent around Kobrin. The rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union is given by 23.2.1945 g. The square and the street in Kobrin, collective farm in the homeland are called by his name, in Kalinin on the building of technical training college the memorial board is established. In 1959 on a grave the monument — the soldier's sculpture is established.


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