Establishments of preschool education

Public institution of education "Day nursery gardens No. 13 of Mr. Kobrin
Day nursery gardens No. 13 of Mr. Kobrin it is founded in 1978. Rasschitann on 115 places. Visits institution of 126 pupils. 6 groups function, including: 1 group – for children from 2nd to 3 years, 1 group - for children with heavy violations of the speech, 4 groups - preschool age for children from 3rd to 7 years.

Day nursery gardens 5 days a week from 7:30 till 18:00, group on duty – from 7:00 till 19:00 work. The days off - Saturday, Sunday.

In our establishment qualified specialists work: educational psychologist, teacher-speech pathologist, musical director, head of physical training, tutors.
82% of teachers have the highest and first qualification category.

Priority directions:
Familiarizing of preschool children to universal and to national cultural values

Familiarizing with a healthy lifestyle and education of a correct posture:
- The preschool uchrezhedeniye offers additional educational services: early training in reading in N. A. Zaytsev's technology; training in the dancing movements.

Address: 225306 Mr. Kobrin, ul Dzerzhinsky, 48
Phone: 8(016 42) 2 22 62


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