Establishments of preschool education

Public institution of education "Habovichsky day nursery gardens"
Habovichsky day nursery gardens functions since 1976. For this period more than 330 children visited preschool institution.
18 years (from 1976 to 1994) preschool institution were in department of collective farm of Kutuzov, since 1994 – in department of department of education of Kobrin district executive committee. Today two uneven-age groups for children from 2 to 7 years work.

Priorities today:
protection and strengthening of health of children, education of need for support of a healthy lifestyle
education of love and respect for the family, for surrounding people, familiarizing with history of the country, small homeland, with national and cultural wealth of the people

Educational process is carried out in the native language by creative and professional teachers:
Quickly S. S., Lazarchuk L. N., Obukhovsk G. M. – tutors
Poleshchuk T. D. is a musical director

The wealth of experience on acquaintance of children with significant national events through holidays by the Belarusian of culture is saved up.

The ethnographic corner allows to acquaint children with household items, arts and crafts of the people.
The organization of the subject environment promotes development of abilities, creativity, self-realization.
Dialogue with the nature – a basis of moral education of children.
We are grateful for assistance and the help in development of material and technical resources of APO Kutuzovsky, JV LLC Kolor, to the GOAL "Kobrin skilled forestry", to the GOAL "the Bolotsky forest area".

Address: 225875 Habovichi, Lenin St. 6, Kobrin district, Brest region
Phone: 8 (06142) 96-2-49


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