Establishments of preschool education

Public institution of education "Minyansky day nursery gardens"
Establishment functions since 1982. It is designed for 20 children.
In 1982 the first uneven-age group in number of 13 pupils was open.
From 1982 to 1996 the preschool institution was on balance of state farm "Star". Since 1996 passed into department of department of education of Kobrin district executive committee.

Today in a day nursery gardens one uneven-age group is open for children from 2nd to 7 years. There is a musical gym, the sports ground.
The purpose is creation of conditions for leaving, education, training, development, improvement of children taking into account their age and specific features; preparation for receiving the main education at the subsequent levels.
Educational process carries out 4 teachers: musical director, head of physical training, tutor.

Establishment realizes an educational program of preschool education.
Efforts of collective in are directed to formation of ecological culture of children in the conditions of interaction of establishment of preschool education and a family.

In the work the tutor uses technological elements of a method of Glen Doman of training in reading, color perception, training in mathematics.

Our traditions
For the purpose of expansion of knowledge of children of Belarus, its state symbolics, national and public holidays in preschool institution folklore holidays are annually spent: "Gukannie of a vyasna", "Kalyada", "Maslen_ts", etc.

There is a tradition of celebration of days of births of pupils, daily morning and evening meetings in "circle of contacts" at which plans for day are discussed and the results are summed up, and it is a lot of other interesting actions.

Operating mode: 7.30 – 18:00, day off Saturday-Sunday
Address: 225873, Brest region, Kobrin district, of Minyank, Novaya St. 24
Phone: 97-3-87


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