Establishments of preschool education

Public institution of education "Eryomichsky day nursery gardens"
Eryomichsky day nursery gardens - the institution of preschool education, is counted on 110 places.

In establishment 6 groups function: 1 group – pupils aged from 1 year till 3 years, 3 groups – children from 3 to 6 years, 1 first class and group of adaptation.

The purpose of creation of adaptation group was assistance to versatile development of children, increase of psychology and pedagogical competence of parents, training of children and parents for receipt in preschool institution, ensuring early socialization of children.

The group works on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 till 12:00.

Establishment is opened in 1972. Since 2009 is a legal entity.

Main activities:
- protection, protection and strengthening of physical and mental health of children, formation of bases of a healthy lifestyle;
- familiarizing of children with universal values;
- ensuring early socialization of children in group of peers and adults;
- improvement of work of pedagogical collective and a family on formation of bases of moral and labor education of children of preschool age.

Teaching staff:
Educational process is carried out by qualified personnel: 25% - teachers with the highest qualification category, 9% - with the first.

There are offices: teachers-speech pathologists, medical office, information and methodical office, musical gymnasium, ethnographic corner.

In establishment the touch room is equipped. Its basic purpose – decrease in level of a psycho-emotional pressure at pupils, decrease in a motive tone, correction of level of uneasiness, etc.

For the purpose of deepening of integration of public and family education in our preschool institution the social and pedagogical and psychological service, is created by the main areas of work which are – coverage of all children of preschool age educational services, considering psychological climate of each family, and ensuring the individual, differentiated approach to the child and his parents.

System of the organization of additional educational services:
- The circle "Erudite" (preparation for school) (on a paid basis)
- "A dancing circle" (on a paid basis)
- Circle "Skilful Handles"
- Circle of a fizklturno-improving orientation of "Zdorovyachok"
- A circle on the fine arts

RUP NPS "Kobrin" "Gomeltransneft "Friendship", PMK-52 RUP "Brestvodstroy", JSC Ostromichi.

Our achievements (for the last 3 years):
- the 1st place in the regional competition "Constellation of Young Talents", 2009.
- A victory at a regional stage of the republican competition "The Best Preschool Institution of Year of the Rural Settlement", 2011.
- A victory in a competition of the methodical materials "The Best Presentation of a Recreation Camp". 2011.

Address: Brest region, Kobrin district, Eryomichi, Tsentralnaya St., 26
Phone: 8-01642-98-4-51, 8-01642-98-5-78


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