Establishments of preschool education

Public institution of education "Glinyansky day nursery gardens"
Operating mode: five-day working week with stay of children of 10,5 hours in day, from 7:30 till 18:00.

Establishment of education is opened since 1987. At the moment in a day nursery gardens 1 uneven-age group for children from 3 to 6 years functions. Establishment of education provides preschool education of the general profile, realizes the program of preschool education of "Pralesk".

The main objectives the current academic year are:
- protection, protection and strengthening of physical and psychological health of children, formation of bases of a healthy lifestyle;
- ensuring early socialization of children in group of peers and adults.

For the purpose of satisfaction of need of children at the request of parents opening of circles is planned: on training of children the 5th summer age to school, learning of foreign language.

Address: Brest region, Kobrin district, 225893, village of Glinyanka, Tsentralnaya St., 33/2
Phone: (801642) 76-7-38


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