Establishments of preschool education

Public institution of education "A day nursery - a garden No. 19 of Mr. Kobrin"
Day nursery gardens No. 19 of Mr. Kobrin it was opened in 1987 by Kobrin spinning weaving mill "Ruchayka", in 2002 it was transferred to fixed assets of department of education of Kobrin regional executive committee

In establishment are equipped: sports and musical halls, medical block, methodical office.

The institution is visited by 318 children.

The number of age groups 13, from them:
- 3 groups of general purpose for children of early age from 2 to 3 years;
- 10 groups of general purpose for children of preschool age from 3 to 7 years.

Operating mode – five-day, 10,5 hours from 7:30 till 18:00. At the request of parents in a day nursery gardens two groups on duty which work 12 hours from 7:00 till 19:00 are created.

Public institution of education "Day nursery gardens No. 19 of Mr. Kobrin" has 25-year history. For these years the pedagogical collective was created, positive experience of training and education of children is saved up, hundreds of graduates went to school.

What does our establishment successful?
- authority of kindergarten on surrounding society and among educational institutions there are cities;
- the qualified pedagogical collective;
- high level of achievements of graduates of kindergarten;
- use in educational process of the modern educational technologies allowing to build up the relationship of cooperation and partnership of families and teachers;
- integration of the main training and the provided educational services.

Needs of the Founder
- Ensuring continuous, versatile development, socialization of the child according to his age and individual opportunities, abilities and requirements.

Basic values
- The child - it is unique the developing personality. Its health, interests, requirements, the right to show the "I" at that level of development which it reached.
- A family - the main environment of personal development and education of the child, a problem of establishment - to be guided by her educational requirements and inquiries, to build up partnership with it.
- A basis of achievement of success - team work of all employees.
- Development of professional qualities of teachers for achievement of good results in education of children.

Purpose of activity of a day nursery gardens
- rendering services in education, creation of conditions for realization of the right to public and free preschool education guaranteed to citizens of Republic of Belarus.

Main objectives:
- protection of life and strengthening of physical and mental health of pupils;
- ensuring informative and speech, social and personal, art and esthetic and physical development of pupils;
- education taking into account age categories of pupils of civic consciousness, respect for the rights and freedoms of the person, love to the surrounding nature, the Homeland, a family, spiritual and moral qualities;
- implementation of the necessary correctional and pedagogical help of pupils;
- interaction with families of pupils for ensuring their full development;
- rendering the advisory and methodical help to parents (lawful representatives) concerning education, training and development of pupils.

Educational process is carried out by 31 teachers. From them:
- with the higher education – 68%
- with average special – 32%

Qualification level:
- the highest category of-25%
- first category of-52%

Educational services
"Magic scissors"" – for formation of interest in manual skills
Multi-colored kaleidoscope – assistance to development of graphic abilities

On a paid basis:
- "Erudite" and "Znayka" - for development of mental abilities of children
- We read according to Zaytsev" - early training in reading
- Ritmoplastika - improvement of dancing abilities

Address: 225306 st. Dzerzhinsky, house 97, city of Kobrin, Brest region, Republic of Belarus
Phone: (01642) 2 53 16


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