Establishments of preschool education

Preschool institution a day nursery – the garden "Fidgets" of Kobrin gas trunkline operation center of JSC Beltransgaz
The preschool institution a day nursery gardens of Kobrin gas trunkline operation center of Beltransgaz open joint stock company works since 1986.
Our kindergarten was constructed at construction of the gas pipeline of Kobrin-Brest-Warsaw by the Polish builders of the Energopol organization.

On June 7, 1986 its transfer to department linearly - production management of "Zapadtransgaz" took place.

Operating mode: 10,5 hours.

In our preschool institution 10 age groups function:
· Malyshi groups - 2
· Pochemuchki groups (younger) – 2
· Pochemuchki groups (senior) – 3
· Fantazery groups - 3

Only 25 teachers.
· With the higher education – 17
· With an average – special - 8
· Has the highest qualification category – 5 teachers
· Has the first qualification category – 18 teachers
· Has the second qualification category – 2 teachers

Additional education teachers:
· Musical directors – 3
· The head of physical training – 2
· The tutor on graphic activity – 1
· The English teacher – 1
· The teacher – the speech pathologist – 1
· The educational psychologist - 1

Material resources of our preschool institution:
· Music hall
· Gymnasium
· Medical office
· It is information – the methodical center
· Psychologist's office
· Speech pathologist's office
· Office of studying of English
· Graphic studio "Vyaselka"
· Sports ground
· 10 playgrounds with the covered verandahs are also sports – game complexes.

We work on a state program of "Pralesk" with use of elements of an educational program "First step" and techniques of early training of children in reading N. A. Zaytsev.

Additional educational services (on a free basis):
· Circle of the sports dance "Rhythm"
· A circle on drawing of "Vyaselk"
· Circle of English of "AVS"
· A circle on art creativity

Our purpose:
1. To provide to each child an opportunity joyfully and substantially to live the childhood period.
2. To create favorable conditions for development of natural and creative potential of each child.

Our motto:
"To give to children a sparkle of knowledge, the tutor should absorb the whole sea of light".

Our priorities:
- Protection and strengthening of health of the child, formation of bases of a healthy lifestyle.
- Ensuring emotional wellbeing and psychological health of each pupil.
- Ensuring full, timely, versatile development of the child.
- Education of the identity of the child, development of its creative potential, abilities, identification of signs of endowments.
- Familiarizing of children with universal and national values.

Our prospects:
- Creation of the atmosphere of cooperation and coauthorship with families of our pupils.
- Rich and various in detail – the game developing environment.
- A high level of quality vospitatelno – educational process.

Educational process in preschool institution.

The main activities of pedagogical collective for 2011-2012 academic year:
· A method of projects in ecological education of children of preschool age.
· Use of logical blocks of blocks of Dyenesh and color sticks of Kyuizener in development logiko-mathematical representations of children.

In our preschool institution the elementary tourism in fizkulturno – improving work with children of the advanced preschool age is used.

The main purpose is a creation of conditions for preservation and promotion of health of children, their physical development, enrichment of motive experience of children, education at children of moral qualities: mutual aid, collectivism, kindness; expansion of ideas of children of the nature of the native land, about a plant and animal life to create the atmosphere of cooperation with families of our pupils through involvement of parents in tourist actions.

Address: Republic of Belarus, Brest region, 225306 Mr. Kobrin, Zhukov St., 60
Phones: 8 – 01642 – 2-53-37 (fax), 8 – 01642 – 2-57-77
E-mail address:


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